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Gamer Escape 3.0 and Security Update

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Yesterday, Gamer Escape was the victim of a ransomware attack. At around 4:45 PM ET on April 14th, our server was accessed by a third party and all of our data was subsequently encrypted. A message was left by the intruder which instructed us to contact them. These attackers then requested a large sum of money in return for unlocking the files. However, even if we decided to pay them, there was no guarantee that our files would be given …

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The Lore Train: Nael in the Coffin

In Featured, Final Fantasy XIV by Anwyll

At Fan Festival 2016 Tokyo, our JP team caught up with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox about the Encyclopædia Eorzea, The Primals, and more. You may have noticed a question about an incendiary topic: the ever-evolving backstory of Eula aka-Nael-but-totally-not-Nael van Darnus. Koji got back to us with a follow-up shortly after, and we think it puts that final nail in two coffins.

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Gamer Escape’s Top 5 Reviewed Games of 2016

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Well, folks, the year of 2016 is finally drawing to an end! It was a year filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and Sony proving at E3 that you can indeed build a wall with donuts. What that has to do with gaming, I have no idea…but it happened. Over here in my little corner of the Gamer Escape empire, we have exploded in ways I never could’ve imagined at the start of the year. In 2015, between two …

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Review: Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel [PC]

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The Gang’s All Here The crossover – an idea in entertainment that brings a character or a group from a secondary piece of media (or multiple) into the primary one. It’s incredibly common, and we see it across all forms of entertainment. Whether it’s a simple cameo that acts as an easter egg, or the entire main premise, crossovers are a great way to try and attract a wider audience to your creation.

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Review: Final Fantasy XV

In Featured, Final Fantasy XV, Review by Fusionx

It’s certainly no secret that players the world over have been waiting a long time for Final Fantasy Versus XIII… I mean, Final Fantasy XV. After skipping an entire console generation, the game has finally released to eager fans who have been waiting, building years of expectations, to see what the final product would be. So let’s finally dive into Final Fantasy XV and see what all these years of development have ultimately given us!

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Announcing the Final Fantasy XV Wiki and Launch Contest

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Final Fantasy XV releases in a mere 15 days, and we here at Gamer Escape are super excited. The game has technically been in development for more than a decade, starting out as a spin off of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  In 2012 is was re-introduced as a main series entry: Final Fantasy XV.  Now, after all this time, the game is about to land on our doorsteps – and we can’t wait!   In connection with the game, we’re …

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Interview With PVP Exhibition Winners- Hello First Time

In Featured, Final Fantasy XIV by Fusionx

  At this years’ Fan Fest, Square Enix held a PVP Exhibition, allowing teams to compete against each other in the Feast for a chance to go up against the Development Team in Las Vegas! One team ended up on top, defeating all the other player teams and then going on to defeat the Developers themselves. We had a chance to talk with the members of Hello First Time about their team and the PVP Exhibition!

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Review: World of Final Fantasy

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When World of Final Fantasy was first introduced, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It looked quite childish with its chibi-like art, but how would the game play? Last month I had a chance to finally try the game and I walked away pleasantly surprised. Since then, I’ve had a chance to play the full game and while there may be a few tiny bumps in the road, World of Final Fantasy has continued to be a …