FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Asphodelos: The Second Circle

25 Dec 2021

Asphodelos: The Second Circle is the second encounter of the first 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 6.01 of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Endwalker and unlocked by the quest Under the Surface. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 565 and rewards Unsung tokens of Asphodelos for each gear type, which can be turned in to Djole at (x:10.3, y:9.7) in Meghaduta, Radz-at-Han. Mylenie at (x:8.4, y:27.7) in Aporia, Labyrinthos will also exchange Unsung tokens of Asphodelos for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.


Don’t see any fire around the outside of the platform to instantly kill you? Don’t worry, it’ll be there!

  • Murky Depths – Raid-wide damage.
  • Doubled Impact – A tank buster requiring both tanks to soak the damage, or one tank to use an invulnerability ability.
  • Spoken Cataract – The boss will go to the center of the ring (if it’s not already there), and its floating head will turn unnaturally from its body. The body will have a large, yellow arrow indicator pointing in the same direction that it is, while the head will have a red one. The yellow arrow will become a linear AoE the same width as the inside of the Hippokampos’ hitbox and the red arrow will cover half of the arena in the direction it’s pointing. Move to an appropriate location to avoid both of these together.
  • Spoken Cataract
  • Murky Depths
  • Sewage Deluge – The center square and outside rim of the stage will flash in the familiar red/orange AoE color before overflowing with… sewage. This leaves only the 4 raised platforms and the grates between safe to stand on. Standing in the sewage will apply a Dropsy damage over time debuff.
  • Tainted Flood – Six of 8 players will be marked with a pink, travelling AoE markers. Spread out along the platforms and grates.
  • Predatory Sight – All players will be marked with red triangles above their heads. You must stack with at least one other player or be hit with very high damage. Don’t forget the main tank all by themselves in the front!
  • Shockwave – One of the raised grates will get a knock-back indicator. You’ll need to use your knock-back nullifier or angle yourself to get pushed from the indicator along the grates to one of the connected, raised platforms.
  • The spewing sewage water will stop with the message: “The water has receded.”
  • Dissociation – The Hippokampos’ head will detach from its body and fly to one side of the northern edge of the arena, eventually diving across that half.
  • Coherence – One non-tank player will be marked with a linear stack indicator and 1 tank will be marked with the flare marker which indicates the origin point of proximity based damage. The flare marked tank should move away from the party while the rest of the players stack.
  • Murky Depths
  • Sewage Deluge*
  • Tainted Flood
  • Spoken Cataract
  • Sewage Eruption – AoE circles will show up on the ground under 4 players’ feet, then 2 more circles per player, one after the other.
  • Spoken Cataract
  • Tainted Flood
  • Predatory Sight
  • Murky Depths
  • Dissociation
  • Shockwave – Because the Hippo’s head is about to do a dive across one half of the arena, only direction will be safe to be knocked back toward.
  • “The water has receded.”
  • Dissociation
  • Sewage Eruption – You can drop the initial circle AoEs from this on the dangerous side that the Hippo’s head is about to dive down, then run over into the safe half to leave more open space there.
  • Coherence
  • Murky Depths
  • Murky Depths
  • Doubled Impact
  • *Repeats from Sewage Deluge until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Asphodelos: The Second Circle!

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