FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Lapis Manalis

12 Jan 2023

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.3 Main Scenario!!!

Lapis Manalis is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker dungeon. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest King of the Mountain. It can be completed via the duty finder and is part of the Patch 6.3 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking in terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounter 1

3 Caladrius, & 1 Caladrius Maturus

  • Transonic Blast – A conal AoE aimed at a random player, cast by the Caladrius.

Encounter 2

1 Albus Griffin

  • Winds of Winter – Arena-wide, unavoidable damage.
  • Freefall – A circular AoE dive aimed at a random player.
  • Golden Talons – A conal AoE aimed at a random player.

Encounters 3 & 4

3 Canis Lupinus, 1 Albus Bear, & 2 Visitant Bloodguard

  • Void Slash – A conal AoE aimed at a random player, cast by the Visitant Bloodguard.


  • Call of the Mountain – Albion invites a stampede of mountain buddies to the party. They don’t fight you, they just trample in a line through the battlefield. Check the sides of the arena for dust clouds to see where they’re coming from and just avoid that lateral path. You can also hear where they’re coming from. After the first line of them passes, another will come by along a different path. Getting hit applies a Concussion bleed debuff. Note the dust cloud in the image below, slightly left of top center:
  • Albion’s Embrace – A tankbuster.
  • Left/Right Slam – Find the boss’ named side and avoid it. If he happens to be turned toward you, (which happens often), the easiest way to handle this is to go to the side of the arena that the attack name has in it.
  • Knock on Ice* – Three circles will appear on the ground. Avoid them until they surface as blocks of ice.
  • Ice Breaker – Albion will target and jump to one of the blocks of ice from Knock on Ice. Once he hits it, it will explode in a large, circular AoE, so give it a wide berth.
  • Icey Throes – This is an uncast attack that will put traveling, pink AoEs on all players, then leave secondary circles on the ground where they land. The first set is not avoidable, but the second AoEs are.
  • Roar of Albion – Use the remaining Knock on Ice ice blocks to avoid the arena-wide damage from this attack.
  • Call of the Mountain
  • Left/Right Slam
  • Left/Right Slam
  • Albion’s Embrace
  • *Repeats from Knock on Ice.

Encounters 5 & 6

4 Visitant Vodoriga, & 2 Rock of Albus

  • Terror Eye – A circular AoE aimed at a random player by the Vodoriga.

Encounters 7 & 8

7 Galatea Parva, & 1 Visitant Taurus

  • Gravity Harpe – A circular AoE aimed at a random player by the Galatea Parva.
  • Uncanny Whisper – A circular AoE aimed at a random player by the Taurus.

Galatea Magna

  • Waning Cycle – A donut AoE followed immediately by a point-blank circle on the boss. Be ready to move out quickly.
  • Soul Scythe – The boss will turn toward a cardinal direction and begin casting. Halfway through the cast, a large, circular AoE will show up on the side of the arena that the boss turned to. Standing behind her, just behind the flank lines on her hit box, should have you in a safe position even before the AoE shows up.
  • Soul Nebula – This does unavoidable, arena-wide damage and places two reaper style teleport portals opposite to each other on the arena.
  • Scarecrow Chase – A purple indicator with 4 pulsing arms pointing at inter-cardinal directions will appear. After the cast completes, the purple indicator will jump to each of the reaper portals in an order based on the number of dots over the rifts. Because the purple indicator’s arms point out diagonally, when it moves to the cardinal directions, you can simply stand in the center. If you get hit by the purple AoE, it applies a Doom debuff that is able to be cleared with Esuna.
  • Tanabrism – A 14 second Glass-eyed debuff will be applied to each player and four soak towers will begin appearing at the cardinal directions of the arena. At least one player must stand in each, and just after all four towers have gone off the Glassy-eyed debuff will trigger. You’ll have to make sure you look away from all of your party members. Somewhat conveniently, if each player takes one tower and stays with it, you’ll already be positioned well to briefly turn to the outside of the arena and away from all other players. This is by no means necessary, though, as the towers do very little damage and don’t apply any debuff, so handle it however you like! Failing to soak a tower only results in arena-wide damage.
  • Waxing Cycle – This is the opposite of Waning Cycle. You’ll have the point blank first, followed by the donut, and you’ll still need to move in quickly.
  • Soul Scythe
  • Soul Nebula – This time four portal rifts will appear, one at three of the four cardinal directions and one in the center for a total of four.
  • Scarecrow Chase – Stand near the center and observe the number order. For all the rifts except the center one, you can just stay in the middle. When it’s time for the middle rift to go off, simply step out of the center toward any cardinal, far enough away to avoid the purple mark, then step back into the center after the middle rift is done.
  • Tanabrism
  • Waning/Waxing Cycle*
  • Soul Scythe
  • Soul Nebula
  • Scarecrow Chase
  • Tanabrism
  • *Repeats from Waning/Waxing Cycle until defeat.

Encounters 9 & 10

2 Albus Serpent, 2 Albus Craklaw, & Visitant Satana

  • Regorge – A circular AoE aimed at a random player by the Serpents.
  • Dark – A circular AoE aimed at a random player by the Satana.

Encounters 11 & 12

3 Visitant Monk, & 6 Visitant Satana


  • Stygian Deluge – Unavoidable, arena-wide damage.
  • Antediluvian – Cagnazzo will start to summon bubbles into the air, which will explode in sequence after they reach full size. Avoid the bubbles in the order they appear to dodge the resulting damage AoEs. There are three sets of 2 bubbles each.
  • Body Slam – This happens in conjunction with Antediluvian. As the second pair of bubbles hit the ground, Body Slam will trigger, knocking anyone too close to the edge into the water outside the arena floor. Touching the water applies a Dropsy debuff, which isn’t deadly potent, but still no push over. Stick to the side that will be clear during the last set of bubbles as you dodge and get in close to the knock-back indicator after the second set of bubbles goes off to avoid being knocked into the water.
  • Hydraulic Ram – The boss will charge across the arena seven times. You’ll have to dodge those linears, along with a smattering of small, circular AoEs. The spot just to his left or right when he starts projecting his path should be safe to stand in. One side may get a small AoE puddle that lands there early on in the pattern, so avoid that one.
  • Hydrofall – A stack mechanic. All in!
  • Cursed Tide – Four Fearsome Flotsam nails will appear, tethered to Cagnazzo. You’ll need to destroy them all before his gauge fills. Once all nails are dead, he’ll hit you with the force of the energy he’s gathered in his gauge. There will also be circular AoEs scattered around the floor, and each player will be marked with one of two debuffs. During the course of this mechanic, each will go off at the end of their timer, so be prepared to stack or spread as need be. Each debuff icon conveniently looks like the AoE marker you’ll get:
    • Neap Tide – A pink, circular, AoE that travels with the player.
    • Spring Tide – A party stack.
  • Voidcleaver* – All players will be tethered to a void orb. Three times during the duration of your tether-sentence, the void orb will aim a thin conal at you, so attempt to point your tether away from other players. Don’t hit your friends, (or your randos, they’re your friends right now).
  • Lifescleaver – Right before the second Voidcleaver conal goes out, Cagnazzo will project eight, thin, evenly spaced conals out from his center. Avoid those in conjunction with the Voidcleaver conals.
  • Void Torrent – A linear tankbuster. Avoid being in front of, or behind your tank.
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Stygian Deluge
  • Antediluvian
  • Body Slam
  • *Likely repeats from Voidcleaver.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Lapis Manalis!