3 months ago

Hands-on with Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC

Last week, Final Fantasy XVI received it’s second, and (as far as we know) final piece of DLC: The Rising Tide. In addition to the DLC, the game also received update 1.31 which brought in some wonderful additions such as the ability to return to a quest giver with the press of a button once
4 months ago

Final Fantasy XVI DLC “The Rising Tide” Previewed at PAX East

During a stage panel at this year’s PAX East show, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida joined Takeo Kujiraoka, the director for the upcoming DLC The Rising Tide, in showing off the coming content and update to the game overall. During the hour-long panel, Kujiraoka and Yoshida showed off the different elements of the new
7 months ago

Hands-on with Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen DLC

Last week, Square Enix surprised us not only with a trailer for the two pieces of DLC announced at PAX West earlier this year, but also released the first of them the same day! Echoes of the Fallen is the first of two pieces of DLC for Final Fantasy XVI and takes players to the
11 months ago

PAX West 2023: Interview with Voices From Valisthea

The following article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XVI. During this year’s PAX West convention, Square Enix hosted the panel “Voices From Valisthea,” featuring a discussion with the Localization Director and multiple voice actors from the recently released Final Fantasy XVI. Following the panel, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with a number
11 months ago

PAX West 2023: Final Fantasy XVI Announces DLC and PC Version Alongside Voice Actor Panel

At PAX West 2023, Square Enix held the “Voices From Valisthea” panel in which several voice actors from the newly released Final Fantasy XVI took to the stage along with Localization Director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to talk about their experience working on the game and answer questions submitted by fans. In a way that only
1 year ago

Final Fantasy XVI Keynote Announces Demo Launch Timing and New Merchandise

Today, Square Enix is holding a special pre-launch event for Final Fantasy XVI. The event also marked the first occasion where the new President and CEO of Square Enix, Takashi Kiryu, addressed fans before introducing Naoki Yoshida to the stage. During the Keynote, Yoshida made several announcements, which we’ll go into detail about below.