Final Fantasy XVI DLC "The Rising Tide" Previewed at PAX East

22 Mar 2024

During a stage panel at this year’s PAX East show, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida joined Takeo Kujiraoka, the director for the upcoming DLC The Rising Tide, in showing off the coming content and update to the game overall.

During the hour-long panel, Kujiraoka and Yoshida showed off the different elements of the new DLC, explained the new powers Clive Rosfield will be able to wield, and gave us a first glimpse at new characters players will fight alongside or against. One of the new enemies are a staple of the series in a new design: Tonberries.

The design of this classic enemy went through a lot of changes during the original development of the game and was then never used. Only now with the new DLC did they make their return in new terrifying ways. But a new Eikon fight and powers, new enemies and allies aren’t the only thing that awaits players with the new DLC. Alongside the release of The Rising Tide comes patch 1.30 to Final Fantasy XVI and with it a series of quality of life improvements:

  • Return to a quest giver immediately with the new “Quick Complete” function
  • Icon updates for important character quests
  • A new Skill Set feature which allows players to save up to 5 unique Feat and Ability sets
  • Abilities and Accessories adjusted for easier use
  • New “Custom” controller type allows for freely customizable button layouts
  • Tone correction, screen effects, and more added to Photo Mode
  • Numerous new orchestrion rolls added

At the end of the panel, Ben Starr, the voice actor for Clive Rosfield, joined the stage to ask a few questions regarding the game’s development, the relationship between Clive and his brother, as well as Kujiraoka’s experience with creating the game.

Before ending, the panelists announced the release date of The Rising Tide would be April 18. Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who are awaiting news on the crossover event will need to wait for the panel tomorrow for further information on that, as Producer Naoki Yoshida didn’t want to take away anything from Producer/Director Yoshi-P’s panel. All we know so far is that the crossover is set to start early April.

All images courtesy of Square Enix.