The Gamer Escape team are gamers – and as gamers we believe we have the same wants and needs for a gaming media site as does the rest of the community – namely a place they can come to for accurate and up-to-date news, game information, podcasts, reviews and a place to discuss their passion for all things related to their game of choice with others who are similarly passionate.

In November 2004, we started a wiki project for Final Fantasy XI with the name FFXIclopedia. At its inception, FFXIclopedia had fewer than five articles, but from those humble beginnings the premiere FFXI wiki and fan site grew rapidly. Within the first year the FFXIclopedia wiki had more than 8,000 articles covering all aspects of FFXI. Within two years 16,000 articles.  Now, more than a decade later and at its new home here at Gamer Escape, the FFXI wiki has a staggering 45,000+ articles and continues to grow.  .

The running of a FFXI wiki allowed the staff to develop a number of relationships with those at Square Enix – and it was against this backdrop that Gamer Escape’s FFXIV wiki and community was born.  The FFXIV wiki launched in September 2010 and quickly established itself as the premiere resource for players looking for information about Square Enix’s latest MMO.  Notwithstanding the difficult launch of 1.0, we remained active and hopeful for the resurgence.  With the launch of A Realm Reborn, the growth was again staggering.  Keeping up to date with all patches and expansions, including Heavensward, Stormblood, and now Shadowbringers, the wiki now has more than 90,000 articles of content!  The growth continues as the game continues and we will be here to address it all.

We hope you enjoy the site.