Rewards Program

Welcome to the new Gamer Escape! We’ve gone under the hood and re-worked everything from the ground up – including our points system. Before you could gain points only from editing our wikis, but we’ve expanded this so that now anyone can gain points and claim some extra benefits. All Gamer Escape content is free, so our point system is intended to be a small perk for those who regularly interact with the site. If you are a Gamer Escape Plus+ member, then even more goodies await you! We hope you enjoy! Here is how it works…

Do Stuff, Get Points

When you engage with content around Gamer Escape, you will earn points as follows:

Account Creation
Create an account. That’s it.
1000 points
Social Media Connect
Connect your Gamer Escape account to your social media accounts.
500 points / account
Daily Login Bonus
Visit us daily and log in!
10 points / day
Edit A Wiki Page
Help us maintain our wikis and gain points. Spam edits won’t count.
10 points / edit
Comment (In development)
Comments can be helpful, leave a comment on a wiki page or article.
2 points / comment
Like an Article
Show our writers some love. Like a recent article.
1 points / like

As you gain points, you can earn free Gamer Escape Plus+ status!

2,50014 days Free Plus+
4,00014 days Free Plus+
7,00014 days Free Plus+
10,00014 days Free Plus+
13,00014 days Free Plus+
17,00030 days Free Plus+
21,00030 days Free Plus+
25,00030 days Free Plus+
30,00030 days Free Plus+
35,00030 days Free Plus+

Gamer Escape Plus+ Members Earn Plus+ Points. Get Swag.

When you are a Gamer Escape Plus+ Member, you will earn Plus+ Points (in the same ways and amounts as regular points). With Plus+ Points you can claim some sweet free physical swag! You pay only shipping and handling. Sign up for Gamer Escape Plus+ here.


16,000Tote bag
20,000Long Sleeve Shirt
25,000Water Bottle

For a full description of the terms of our Rewards Program, please review our Terms of Service.