FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

25 Dec 2021

Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle is the fourth encounter of the first 8-man, normal raid content released with Patch 6.01 of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It’s available at level 80 by finishing the Main Scenario Quest Endwalker and unlocked by the quest Who Wards the Warders. It can be completed via the duty finder with a minimum ilvl of 565 and rewards Unsung tokens of Asphodelos for each gear type, which can be turned in to Djole at (x:10.3, y:9.7) in Meghaduta, Radz-at-Han. Mylenie at (x:8.4, y:27.7) in Aporia, Labyrinthos will also exchange Unsung tokens of Asphodelos for gear.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.


They made a point of showing us those spikes, and there’s a good reason: they’re insta-death.

  • Elegant Evisceration – A tank buster.
  • Setting the Scene – Hesperos will place a cape in a quadrant of the arena, changing it into an elementally charged tile. This first one is thunder, and touching the circle of lightning temporarily applies an Electrocution debuff. Also note, it’s totally safe to stand on the cape and the tile, except for the source of the element in the center of said tile.
  • Pinax – Hesperos will take the elemental energy from the tile and apply it to the swirling energy in the center of the arena. Depending on the element, the AoE that results from this cast will be different. In this first case, the spell only has thunder to draw from, so the AoE will always be proximity based. Move away from the center.
  • Decollation – Raid-wide damage.
  • Setting the Scene – The tile will be of a water element this time. Touching the water temporarily applies a Dropsy debuff.
  • Pinax – Water applied to the center energy results in a knockback. Move toward the center or use a knock-back nullifier.
  • Hell Skewer – The boss will aim this linear at a random player. The indicator will show up halfway through the cast and give players time to move out of it.
  • Elegant Evisceration
  • Setting the Scene – Three tiles will be charged this time, one with thunder, one with water, and the final with a new addition: poison. As with the other two, touching the circle of poison temporarily applies a DoT.
  • Pinax – Hesperos will draw the elements at random, going through all of them before the mechanic is complete, so be ready for any of them in any order. The new elemental of poison puts pink, traveling AoEs on all players, so you’ll have to spread out.
  • Hell Skewer – This happens while Pinax is still happening, after the first element resolves.
  • Hell Skewer
  • Bloodrake – Raid-wide damage.
  • Belone Coils – Four meteor style pools requiring at least 1 player to soak the damage in each will appear. Observe the “X” over the role symbol in each pool; you cannot soak that pool if you’re that role. Standing in one such AoE will instantly kill you.
  • Hell Skewer
  • Decollation
  • Northerly/Southerly/Easterly/Westerly Shift – Hesperos will place either a sword or a cape icon at the random direction indicated by the cast’s name. If it’s a sword, a large, high damage conal will shoot from the icon, so stand to either side of it. If it’s a cape, it will be the center of a knock-back, so use a nullifier, or stand at an angle where you won’t be pushed into the spike wall.
  • Northerly/Southerly/Easterly/Westerly Shift
  • Northerly/Southerly/Easterly/Westerly Shift
  • Bloodrake
  • Belone Bursts – Eight, green balls will appear, each one tethering to a different player. The ball that tethers to you will be marked with your role’s icon, but covered in an “X.” This means you cannot pop your own ball. Take care of someone else’s for them and hope they do the same for you. When the orbs are popped, they have a small circle of splash damage, so be careful as you’re moving around that you don’t caught by splash damage for your role. Popping 3 balls results in death.
  • Elegant Evisceration*
  • Setting the Scene – All 4 quadrants get to come to the party this time. The last element added is fire. All 4 elements will show up from here on out.
  • Bloodrake
  • Pinax – Just as before, the order of these will be random. If fire is chosen, it’s a stack mechanic.
  • Hell Skewer – The AoE indicator for this shows up right after the first element of Pinax goes off.
  • Belone Coils – This resolves after the third element of Pinax.
  • Northerly/Southerly/Easterly/Westerly Shift
  • Decollation
  • Bloodrake
  • Belone Bursts
  • Northerly/Southerly/Easterly/Westerly Shift
  • Decollation
  • *Repeats from Elegant Evisceration until defeat.

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