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FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Stigma Dreamscape

22 Dec 2021

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.0 Main Scenario!!!

FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Stigma Dreamscape

The Stigma Dreamscape is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker dungeon. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before. It can be completed via the duty finder and is part of the Patch 6.0 Expert Duty Roulette.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Encounters 1 & 2

7 Omicron Invader, & 1 Level Tricker

  • Electric Stream – A linear AoE aimed at a random player by the Omicron Invader.
  • Shocking Discharge – A circular AoE centered on the Omicron Invader.
  • Reset – A circular AoE centered on the Level Tricker.

Encounters 3 & 4

7 Omicron Invader, & 3 Eta Invader

  • Maser Cannon – A circular AoE centered on a random player by the Eta Invader.


  • Side Cannons – One half of the floor under Proto-Omega will display a series of moving arrows. They indicate the charging of some lasers, so avoid the half of the arena with the danger arrows!
  • Forward/Rear Interceptors – The arena in front of or behind the boss will be swathed in a rain of missiles depending on the mechanic name.
  • Chemical Missile – Three players will be marked with pink AoE circles that will travel with them. You may want to try and group these, but the arrangement of these isn’t that important so long as you have a safe area to get knocked back through in the next mechanic:
  • Electric Slide – One player will be marked with a combination stack marker and knock-back marker. This can be one of the players that just had Chemical Missile. If you’re the stack-knock-back-attack player, try and arrange yourself in such away that your follow players can safely slide backward through a safe zone. The stack mechanic player will not be knocked anywhere. Alternatively, use a knock-back nullifier ability. The length of the slide is slightly less than 1/2 of the length of the side of the arena.
  • Guided Missile – Proto-Omega will fire 2 missiles that will tether to 1 player each and follow them until they explode, wither by running into a player or timing out. They leave a small fire puddle behind.
  • Electric Slide – Avoid the small fire puddles from Guided Missile.
  • Mustard Bomb – A tank buster.
  • Side Cannons*
  • Guided Missile + Chemical Missile – Make sure to arrange both of these mechanics in such a way that you’ll have a safe slide back area for the next:
  • Electric Slide
  • Mustard Bomb
  • Forward/Rear Interceptors
  • *Repeats from Side Cannons until defeat.

Encounters 5 & 6

4 Omicron Invader, & 2 Lambda Invader

  • Wheel – A strike aimed at the player with highest hate, akin to a mini tank buster. This has no visible indicator other than the mob charging up and the cast gauge.

Encounters 7 & 8

3 Omicron Invader, 3 Delta Invader, & 2 Lambda Invader

  • Rail Cannon – A linear AoE aimed at a random player by the Delta Invader.


  • Wheel* – A tank buster
  • Auto-mobile Assault Cannon – The boss will project 4 red AoE lines of a path, then zoom down them. The lines show up and disappear before the Arch-Lambda follows the path, so you’ll need to keep the faded lines in mind as you position yourself in a safe zone. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to be close to the end point of the zoomies, since when the boss stops, it almost immediately does:
  • Wave Cannon – A large laser blast covering all of the arena except the space just behind the boss.
  • Atomic Flare – Arena-wide damage.
  • Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon – The boss will retreat to one edge of the arena and put a projected dash path across the arena. In the linear AoE indicator you’ll see dot patterns for 1, 2, 3, and 4, and each player will be marked with 1-4 as well. If you match up your numbers by standing next to the same one in the linear AoE, the lasers that fire toward each player as the boss hits each number in the dash won’t overlap. An alternative positioning involves all players being on one side of the dash, and player “3” or “4” being able to cross the dash line and stand closer to the boss for uptime.
  • *Repeats from Wheel until defeat.

Encounters 9 & 10

2 Omicron Invader, 3 Beta Invader, & 2 Hybrid Dragon

  • Engulfing Flames – A linear AoE centered on a random player by the Hybrid Dragon.

Encounters 11 & 12

2 Beta Invader, 1 Hybrid Dragon, 2 Eta Invaders, & 1 Omega Frame

  • Thermite Bomb – A circular AoE centered on a random player by the Omega Frame.


  • AI Takeover – Rainbow beams of light will shoot out through the slits in the floor. Don’t panic, the beams themselves do nothing! They will summon 1 of 3 AI creatures to Stigma-4’s aid, though.
    • Omega Frame – This will cast Proto-wave Cannon, sweeping one half of the arena in lasers. It will then start casting Self-destruct, which will do damage and apply a vulnerability debuff stack, so it needs to be killed before that goes off. (This first cast of AI Takeover is always Omega.)
    • Hybrid Dragon – On either the left or right side of the arena, a circular AoE will form, and a Hybrid Dragon will drop down on it. It will cast Fire Breath, at the end of which, a huge conal will fire across the arena from the dragon’s mouth. It will also cast Self-destruct once its conal is complete.
    • Proto-Rocket punch – Six robot fists show up on the left or right side of the arena, lined up with 6 of the 8 rows marked on the floor. Position yourself in an open lane.
  • AI Takeover – This one is always the Hybrid Dragon.
  • AI Takeover – This one is always the Proto-Rocket punches.
  • Stigma-4 will break down its sphere form and change into a spirally helix shape. This means the boss will do a point-blank, circular AoE shortly, so move away.
  • Stigma-4 will break down its sphere form and change into a donut shape. Move inside the rings to avoid the incoming donut AoE.
  • Mindhack – All players will get a Forced March debuff that will make them run in the direction of the arrow icon displayed on the debuff when the 10 second timer ends. Make sure that you’re facing the correct direction to either run into or far enough away from the next mechanic:
  • Stigma-4 will transform into either the helix or the donut.
  • Atomic Ray* – Arena-wide damage.
  • Multi-AI TakeoverProto-Rocket punch and 1 of the 2 other mechanics from AI Takeover will happen simultaneously.
  • Mindhack
  • Stigma-4 will transform.
  • Multi-AI Takeover
  • Atomic Ray
  • *Repeats from Atomic Ray until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Stigma Dreamscape!