FFXIV Endwalker Guide: Euphrosyne

12 Jan 2023

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.3 Myths of the Realm Storyline!!!

Euphrosyne is the second 24-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It’s available at level 90 as part of the quest Return to the Phantom Realm. It can be completed via the duty finder.


Her scythe is up here, guys.

  • Abundance – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Matron’s Plenty – Nophica blankets the ground in flowers (this first one is always flowers) or grass and prepares for a near-instant AoE.
  • The Giving Land – Depending on whether there are flowers or grass on the ground, you’ll get one of two near-instant AoEs. You can also observe Nophica for the color she glows, but the ground is very, very obvious. If you get hit by these AoEs, you’ll be thrown in the air and get a stack of vulnerability.
    • Flowers/Pink glow – Point-blank (This first one is always Flowers/Pink.)
    • Grass/Green glow – Donut
  • The Giving Land – This second one is always Grass/Green.
  • Matron’s Harvest – Nophica reaps the flowers from the arena and does unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Reaper’s Gale – Two sets of lattices cover the ground, leaving small, square safe spaces, one after another. Stand in the safe squares left by the first lattice, then move into the safe space left when the first lattice goes off.
  • Matron’s Plenty – This instance of Matron’s Plenty covers the ground in grass.
  • Floral Haze – All players will be given an About Face debuff that will force them to move after the timer of 15 seconds completes. It’s important to note that this goes off after the first The Giving Land to follow and just before the second one.
  • The Giving Land
    • Floral Haze triggers.
  • The Giving Land
  • Matron’s Harvest
  • Matron’s Breath – Two patches of glowing flowers appear, one yellow and one blue. Nophica will also place down a number of timers represented by shrinking circles of light (this instance of the mechanic will always have 3). Each will be either yellow or blue as well, and have a number of dots to show the order in which they’ll go off (though, they’re always in order from right to left). You’ll have until they shrink down to their center points to make it into the matching color flower patch or you’ll take damage and gain a vuln’ stack.
  • Abundance*
  • Matron’s Plenty
  • Floral Haze
  • Landwalker – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Reaper’s Gale – This time, several circular AoEs will be scattered amongst the pair of lattices. You’ll have to avoid these in combination.
  • The Giving Land
  • Sowing Circle – Four directional arrows will appear under Nophica, facing out toward each cardinal direction, then another set will appear facing toward inter-cardinals. The first set of four will start traveling outward in rock formations that shoot out of the ground, one after another, until they reach the edge of the arena. The second set will begin the same process shortly after. Wait for a line of the first set of arrows to move past you, then step into that now safe line to avoid the second set of arrows.
  • The Giving Land – This happens in combination with Sowing Circle.
    • Also note that the previous Floral Haze triggers here. Make sure you’re going to avoid both The Giving Land and any remnants of Sowing Circle.
  • Matron’s Harvest
  • Matron’s Breath – You’ll have the same blue and yellow flower patches, but there will be 6 shrinking timers of varying colors this time. They should be in order across the field, but pay close attention to the colors: they’re not always one, then the other. Sometimes you’ll get the same color in a row.
  • Furrow – A healer stack for the whole alliance.
  • Heaven’s Earth – Tank busters for all three tanks.
  • Abundance
  • Repeats from Abundance until defeat.

Encounter 1

3 Euphrosynos Gigantoad, & 6 Euphrosynos Werewood

  • Labored Leap – A large, circular AoE from the Gigantoads.
  • Languid Lap A conal from the Gigantoads.
  • Rush – A linear from the Gigantoads.
  • Ovation – A linear from the Werewoods.

Encounter 2

3 Euphrosynos Ktenos

  • Roaring Rumble – Unavoidable, arena-wide AoE damage.
  • Rock Throw A circular AoE on a random player.
  • Sweeping Gouge– A tankbuster.

Encounter 3

1 Euphrosynos Behemoth

This big boy will show up via a large, circular AoE in the center of the platform.

  • Localized Maelstrom – A tankbuster shared by all tanks
  • Ecliptic Comet Proximity damage from the Behemoth. Move out to the edges of the platform.
  • Trounce – Done right after Ecliptic Comet. The Behemoth will turn and, after a small charge up, will do a conal AoE in the direction that it’s facing.

Nymeia & Althyk

That’s right, we’re breaking the mold here! As there are two Gods to deal with, two tanks will have to be awake. Throughout the fight, the siblings will even out their hp between them, to there’s no use trying to kill one faster, but there’s also no punishment for killing one too fast.

  • Spinners Wheel (Nymeia) – Each player gets a card over their head indicating an action they must do in the near future when their timer ticks down to zero. There is a very obvious visual timer ticking down around your character. There are two different card types with two possibilities each, for a total of four, and players won’t always have the same cards at the same time:
    • Arcane Fever/Sun Upright/Red – The card above your head here is right-side up, red, and you’ll have an Arcane Fever debuff that will turn into Pyretic. You must be standing still, doing no actions when the timer ticks down or you’ll take fire damage. Even white swings count here, so you may wish to untarget the boss entirely. (This first Spinners Wheel is always Arcane Fever or Arcane Attraction.)
    • Fever Reversed/Sun Inverted/Blue – The card here is up-side down, tinted blue and you’ll have a Fever Reversed debuff that will turn into Freezing Up. You must be moving when the timer ticks to zero or you’ll be frozen in place.
    • Arcane Attraction/Heart Upright /Pink – The card here right-side up and pink, with an Arcane Attraction debuff that will freeze you in the Seduced animation if you don’t look away in time.
    • Attraction Reversed/Heart Inverted/Green – The card here is up-side down and green, with an Attraction Reversed debuff. If you don’t look at Nymeia then you’ll become charmed.
  • Mythril Greataxe (Althyk) – Althyk will turn toward a random player and aim a conal in their direction. It’s not too wide and you should have time to move out of it before Spinners Wheel triggers.
  • Spinners Wheel (N)
  • Time and Tide (A) – Players will be attached to Althyk by a purple tether with a clock on it. All of their Spinners Wheel debuff timers will dramatically speed up at around 8 seconds, so be prepared to handle them early.
  • Axioma (A) – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage. This also places a symbol on the floor that applies Heavy and Magic Vulnerability up debuffs when players stand in it. This will be used to avoid (or complicate) other mechanics.
  • Hydroptosis (N) – Several players will be marked with pink, circular, traveling AoEs. Spread out!
  • Inexorable Pull (A) – This will throw players up into the air for a fair amount of damage if they don’t stand in the Heavy debuff symbol on the floor.
  • Hydrorhythmos (N) – Stand next to the line of blue arrow indicators, then move into the space the line came from once the wave splashes down. These waves move out from the center in two opposite directions and both do damage and knock players who fail to dodge them toward the edges of the platform. Be mindful of the Heavy zones on the floor or they may get you stuck in a wave knock-back.
  • Mythril Greataxe (A)
  • Hydrostasis (N) – Three puddles (actual puddles!) will appear, with either 1, 2, or 3 diamonds above them in a circle to indicate which will erupt in a knock-back first. Find the first one and direct yourself toward the second, then at the second, direct yourself toward the third. Remember to point yourself in a safe direction from the third knock-back. Just like Spinners Wheel, there is a very obvious timer on the puddles.
    • You can also just find the first diamond marker and get knocked directly between the other two. You have enough time to move toward the second marker and won’t get knocked off if you get thrown toward the third marker. This can be helpful if you get a little distracted.
    • It may also be possible to use the Heavy symbol to avoid being knocked around. More research needed!
  • Petrai (A) – A shared tankbuster.
  • Spinners Wheel (N)*
  • Mythril Greataxe (A)
  • Hydroptosis (N)
  • Petrai (A)
  • Hydrostasis (N) – This happens in conjunction with:
  • Time and Tide (A) – Althyk will speed up one of the puddles’ timers via his clock tether. The one that’s tethered, regardless of the actual number of diamonds on it, will become number 1 and the rest will shift down in number order. The number of diamonds on the indicator will actually change as well.
  • Axioma (A)
  • Spinners Wheel (N) – This will go off after the upcoming Hydrorhythmos.
  • Time and Tide (A) – This applies to Spinners Wheel.
  • Hydrorhythmos (N)
  • Hydroptosis (N)
  • Inexorable Pull (A)
  • Petrai (A)
  • Axioma (A)
  • *Likely repeats from Spinners Wheel.

Encounter 4

3 Euphrosynos Colossus, & 6 Euphrosynos Dhruva

  • Aetherial Blizzard – A linear AoE from the Dhruva,
  • Frozen Perimeter A donut AoE from the Colossus.
  • Rapid Sever – A tankbuster from the Colossus.
  • Inner Bladestorm A point-blank AoE from the Colossus.


Halone spends a good portion of the fight centered in the arena, but she does jump away during the second phase and put up three barriers for, you guessed it, each party. You may want to put down markers in the northeast, northwest and central south.

Phase 1

  • Rain of Spears – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage that hits three times.
  • Tetrapagos – Halone will do a random combination of a left slash, a right slash, a point-blank, and a donut AoE. First, she’ll cover the areas she’s going to hit with ice, showing all 4 of the hits before she actually does the strikes. Remember the order and dodge appropriately.
  • Tetrapagos
  • Doom Spear – Three towers that need to be soaked and also have stack indicators on them will appear. Soak them based on your party letter in the alliance.
  • Spears Three – Each tank will be targeted with a tankbuster.
  • Thousandfold Thrust Halone will surround herself with eight, red shields. The ring of shields will split on one side and slide around to the opposite side of the ring, leaving the side where it split safe to stand on from the upcoming continuous spear stabbing extravaganza that Halone will unleash.
  • Thousandfold Thrust
  • Lochos – Lines of energy will flow off the boss to two of the quadrants, eventually forming up spearheads that will shoot in straight lines across the half of the arena they’re aimed over. This leaves one safe quadrant to stand in.
  • Will of the Fury – A ring indicator will appear around the edge of the arena, pulse for a bit and then become an ice ring that will make its way toward the center of the arena. If you’re caught in any of the ice rings as they move, you’ll be frozen, which can be fatal if you’re too close to the center for the next mechanic:
  • Wrath of Halone – A proximity based AoE originating at Halone in the center of the platform.

Phase 2

This is the previously mentioned party separating phase. While it’s not a huge deal to get everyone grouped with their parties, you cannot heal through the barriers, so if you’re not with your healer and suffer too much damage, you might be volunteering to revisit Nald’Thal.

Each party will have to kill the Glacial Spear in their barrier while dodging point-blank AoEs from their respective Spears, and targeted AoEs, as well as a spinning linear AoE from a fourth Spear in the center. Note that you’ll want to start on the safe side of the spinning linear, or you’ll be trapped taking damage. Once a party kills their Spear, their barrier will fall and they can work on killing the central Spear. When the first Spear falls, this also stops the center Spear’s spinning attack.

Once all spears have been defeated, Halone has her turn, hitting the whole raid with four strikes. Heal up quickly because she’s got one more big one for you before she returns to the center of the arena.

Phase 3

  • Lochos – Done in combination with:
  • Thousandfold ThrustLochos will already limit you to one quadrant, which will then be cut into an even smaller sliver by Thousandfold Thrust.
  • Chalaza – Several players will be targeted with travelling, pink AoEs right after the previous mechanic combo ends. This one is uncast.
  • Will of the Fury
  • Wrath of Halone
  • Tetrapagos Thrust – This is a combination of Tetrapagos and Thousandfold Thrust, one followed by the other, in that order.
  • Doom Spear
  • Rain of Spears
  • Chalaza
  • Tetrapagos
  • Spears Three
  • *Phase 3 repeats with small variances.


Phase 1

  • Blue Moon – Unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Love’s Light (v1) – A large moon will appear at one edge of the arena.
  • Full Bright – The moon starts to wax and when it’s full lit, a linear AoE the width of it will fire across the center line of the arena from north to south.
  • Midnight Frost – A thin line of light will form under Menphina with a faint projection of ice on the floor either in front of or behind her. Stand on whichever side of her is safe to avoid the ice attack that triggers at the end of her cast.
  • Lunar Kiss – A linear tankbuster on each tank. Avoid being in front of or behind tanks for this.
  • Silver Mirror – Three circular AoEs will appear under 3 random players, then another set of three, and then one final set. Dodge!
  • Moonset – Another random player will be targeted with a larger, circular AoE, then another and another for a total of three staggered AoEs. Menphina will dive at them in sequence. …Dodge again!
  • Winter Halo – A donut AoE.
  • Love’s Light (v2) – Four, large, yellow AoEs will appear on the ground, two with a half (quarter, if we’re being scientific) moon and two with a dark (new) moon. Stand in a dark moon circle, outside of the half moons until they wax from:
  • Full Bright – All summoned moons on the field start to wax. When the half moons become full moons and explode, move into the safe space left behind before the dark moons finish waxing also.
  • Midnight Frost

Phase 2

  • Selenian Mysteria – Menphina summons up four Ceremonial Pillars and four Ice Sprites. You must destroy the Pillars while dodging conals from the Sprites and periodic, pink, targeted AoEs.

Once the Pillars have been killed, Menphina will summon… a friend… whose appearance will do unavoidable raid-wide damage.

Phase 3

  • Midnight Frost – From here on out, this mechanic will also include Menphina’s friend lifting his… paw to one side or the other and making one half of the arena unsafe. This happens in conjunction with Menphina’s original ice cleave and, in this instance because the two are vertically stacked, leaves only a quarter of the arena safe to stand in.
  • Playful Orbit – Menphina and… Her Hound… separate, meaning you’ll have to observe the location of each for the next mechanic:
  • Midnight Frost – …Ok, it’s Dalamud, Dalamud the dog will still raise his paw and Menphina will still project ice for their indicators, but now that they’re not stacked, finding the safe spot will be just a little bit different.
  • Blue Moon
  • Keen Moonbeam* – Several players will be marked with pink, circular, traveling AoEs. Do that spread.
  • Midnight Frost – They’ve re-stacked.
  • Cratering Chill – Two proximity based AoEs will appear on opposite sides of the arena.
  • Winter Solstice – Menphina will coat the floor in ice. It’s time to slide! Compared to some other content with this particular mechanic, this slide length is very short.
  • Playful Orbit
  • Winter Halo – You’ll have to make it into the safety of the donut, while also observing Dalamud to see which side of the arena he’s slashing.
  • Moonset Rays – A stack for the whole alliance.
  • Love’s Light (v2)
  • Full Bright
  • Silver Mirror
  • Midnight Frost
  • Love’s Light (v1)
  • Full Bright
  • Playful Orbit
  • Midnight Frost – This will go off a fair amount after Full Bright, so don’t worry if you’re stuck in a dangerous zone prior to Full Bright finishing.
  • Moonset Rays
  • Lunar Kiss
  • Love’s Light (v2)
  • Full Bright
  • Midnight Frost – This happens with Love’s Light (v2), meaning this time there’s only one safe way to go, rather than the usual two.
  • Blue Moon
  • Lunar Kiss
  • *Likely repeats from Keen Moonbeam.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Euphrosyne!