FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Tower of Zot

13 Dec 2021

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.0 Main Scenario!!!

FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Tower of Zot

The Tower of Zot is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Main Scenario Quest dungeon. It’s available at level 81 as part of the quest In the Dark of the Tower. It can be completed via the duty finder.

Never be afraid to take a dungeon at your own pace, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to be speaking terms of multiple group pulls.

Healers! (And, well, everyone), please note that this is the beginning of a new expansion! This means that not only are mobs bound to be a little more powerful than we’ve grown used to at the end of an expansion, but, as healers have been adjusted, healing might be a little different than you’re used to!

Encounters 1 & 2

3 Tempered Imperial & 1 Zot Armored Fiend

  • Soporific Gas – A circular AoE on a random player used by the Zot Armored Fiend.

Encounters 3 & 4

1 Tempered Imperial, 2 Zot Sky Armor & 1 Zot Armored Fiend

  • Garlean Fire – A conal AoE on a random player used by the Zot Sky Armor.


The first of the three infamous Magus Sisters. Take note of the AoE patterns each spell makes early one and keep track of the order in which she casts them. Getting hit by any of these spells applies a vulnerability up debuff to the player.

  • Manusya Bio – A tank buster that also poisons.
  • Manusya Blizzard III – Thin conals fanning 180 degrees around the point of the spell cast. Between each conal is an equally thin safe cone.
  • Manusya Fire III – An arena covering AoE with one safe circle centered on the boss.
  • Manusya Thunder III – One small circle AoE of lightning will strike centered on the boss. Then, in a cross (or X) pattern, the same small circles will radiate out from the boss in a line until they reach an arena edge.
  • Manusya Bio III – From Minduruva’s position, a large AoE indicator will show up, covering all of the floor except the space behind her. You have until the cast finishes to make it to the safe area.
  • Transmute Blizzard/Fire/Thunder III – This spell is randomly selected and has the same AoE shape as its Manusya version, but the boss sends the spell out to a different location in the arena. The spell travels as a glowing ball and will go off when it hits the fancy arrow indicator it slowly drifts toward.
    • Regardless of Manusyu or Transmute status, the suggested order to deal with these AoEs is: move to avoid Bio, then Fire, and Blizzard and Thunder just need to be dodged while in Bio or Fire safe areas. (Though, obviously, you won’t have to deal with all of them at once!)
    • While this spell is travelling, the boss will cast 2 more spells:
  • Manusya Fire – A fairly strong Fire spell that Minduruva will cast on a random player that is not the tank.
  • Manusya Blizzard/Fire/Thunder/Bio III – Once selected randomly. You must deal with this AoE in conjunction with the Transmuted spell.
  • Manusya Bio
  • Dhrupad – This puts elemental damage over time debuffs out on all 3 non-tank players: Burns, Frostbite, and Electrocution.
  • Transmute Blizzard/Fire/Thunder III
  • Transmute Blizzard/Fire/Thunder III
  • Manusya Blizzard/Fire/Thunder/Bio III – Both above Transmute spells and Minduruva’s Manusya spell AoEs must be dealt with together or quickly one after another.
  • Dhrupad*
  • Manusya Bio
  • Transmute Blizzard/Fire/Thunder III
  • Transmute Blizzard/Fire/Thunder III
  • Manusya Blizzard/Fire/Thunder/Bio III
  • *Repeats from Dhrupad until defeat.

Encounter 5

4 Tempered Imperial

Encounters 6 & 7

2 Zot Umbril, 2 Zot Death Claw, & 1 Zot Hypertuned

  • Shred – A linear AoE by the Zot Death Claw directed at a random player.
  • Left-arm Slash – A conal AoE by the Zot Hypertuned focused on the player with highest hate.

Encounters 8 & 9

3 Zot Umbril, 3 Tempered Imperial & 1 Zot Hypertuned


The second of the Sisters. You won’t believe your eyes!

  • Isitva Siddhi – A tank buster.
  • Prapti Siddhi x4 – The boss will aim a long, linear AoE toward each player in turn. You may wish to spread out to avoid having to move during other player’s AoEs.
  • Manusya Berserk – Five red Berserker Spheres will appear on the arena floor, with an obvious opening where a 6th is missing. Move to this gap. The explosions are large, so get very close to the wall. If you’re hit by the AoEs of the spheres, you’ll get a Manusya Berserk debuff which makes you only able to auto-attack and holds you in place. This means you’ll like be hit by:
  • Prakamya Siddhi – A circular AoE centered on the boss.
  • Manusya Stop* – Each player will receive a Manusya Stop debuff with a slightly different duration. One after another, each player will freeze just in time to be hit by:
  • Prapti Siddhi x4 – Again, you may want to spread out, but it’s not needed, as only the player that the AoE is focused on will be frozen at this time.
  • Manusya Confuse – This makes each player “confused,” disguising each of Sanduruva’s 5 Berserker Spheres as a copy of herself. All of them except 1 are doing various emotes. Find the unmoving copy and move behind her as she’s the safe space where there is no sphere. Note: all of your party members look like the boss as well!
  • Prakamya Siddhi
  • Isitva Siddhi
  • *Repeats from Manusya Stop until defeat.

Encounters 10, 11 & 12

3 Zot Predator, 1 Zot Roader, & 2 Zot Gunship

  • Haywire – The Zot Roader will always start with a line AoE toward the first player to get in range.
  • Magitech Ray – A linear AoE directed at a random player by the Zot Predator.
  • Garlean Fire – A circular AoE directed at a random player by the Zot Gunship.

Encounters 13, 14 & 15

4 Mark II Zot Colossus, 1 Zot Roader, & 1 Zot Armored Weapon

  • Exhaust – A linear AoE directed at a random player by the Zot Colossus.
  • Diffractive Laser – A circular AoE directed at the player with the highest hate by the Zot Armored Weapon.


The last of the Magus Sisters… A family Reunion! Do NOT kill the younger sisters before the elder. She will just raise them again.

  • Samsara – An arena-wide AoE: basically Assize.
  • The other 2 sisters join the fray.
  • Manusya Reflect (Cinduruva), Delta Attack (Minduruva), Manusya Faith (Sanduruva)* – These 3 spells together result in a number of things that you just have to dodge. There are 3 different elemental versions that will show up in a random order:
  • Blizzard
    • A proximity based AoE originating on Cinduruva’s original position.
    • Minduruva and Sanduruva (the 2 you’ve already fought) sequentially fan thin, ice AoEs from their original points from the back of the arena (where you entered) toward the front via the inside. Aka: the conals fire off in opposite directions, one after another, from the back to the front through the center.
    • Cinduruva (the new sister) fires the same thin, ice conal straight at the back, which becomes 2 conals moving in sequence along the outer edges, opposite her sisters’.
    • Finally, a series of linear AoEs will fire off in sequence. The linears actually fire north to south, but the sequence moves from west to east. Once these hit the west side, they’ll move back across to the east.
    • Halfway through this entangled bunch of AoEs, a second proximity based AoE will show up across from the first at the bottom of the arena.
    • All I can say here is dodge. I like to run through the center toward the back until the second proximity AoE shows up, then run back toward the top through the center.
  • Thunder
    • Small circular AoEs radiate out from the middle in a cross shape sequence toward the cardinal directions. Once that completes, a second cross moves out toward the off-cardinals.
    • Slightly larger circles strike semi-randomly, 2 per younger, alive sister.
    • Four slightly thicker, linear AoEs appear in a semi-random pattern, lined up north to south.
    • One player will be marked with a stack marker.
    • Just dodge, my friends. I like to pick an off-cardinal direction to start in and shift from there.
  • Fire
    • The entire floor, except a circle of safety in the center, will be coved in a fire AoE swath.
    • Starting with 1 linear AoE shooting through the safety of the center 5 linears will randomly cut through the arena.
    • One again, the whole floor, minus that 1 safe circle, will be covered in AoE indicator. As you move into it, each player will get a circular AoE that travels with them. Spread out of the circle of safety with your traveling AoE once the arena-covering AoE resolves.
  • Dhrupad (Minduruva), Isitva Siddhi (Sanduruva) – The previous fights’ tankbuster and 3 elemental debuffs that go on non-tanks.
  • Manusya Fire (Minduruva) – Fire damage aimed at a random player.
  • Prapti Siddhi (Sanduruva) – A linear AoE aimed at a random player.
  • Samsara (Cinduruva)
  • Manusya Blizzard (Minduruva) – Ice damage aimed at a random player.
  • Prapti Siddhi (Sanduruva)
  • Manusya Thunder (Minduruva) – Lightning damage aimed at a random player.
  • Prapti Siddhi (Sanduruva)
  • *Repeats from the elementally charged combo attack until defeat.

Congratulations, you’ve completed The Tower of Zot!