FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Final Day

22 Dec 2021

Spoiler warning: This guide contains information from the FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.0 Main Scenario!!!

FFXIV Endwalker Guide: The Final Day

The Final Day is a Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Main Scenario Quest trial. It’s available at level 89 as part of the quest Endwalker. It can be completed via the duty finder.

For the sake of your fellow players, please remember that this is new content (at the time of this publication). A little friendly explanation can go a long way. Similarly, don’t be afraid to take advice. You may learn something you didn’t know.

The Endsinger

Phase 1

  • Elegeia – This starts with arena-wide damage. Then two planets will appear on opposites sides of the arena. One will move slowly and the other will move quickly around the edge of the platform until it collides with the other. This will cause a huge, circular explosion centered on their collision point that covers more than half of the arena. You’ll need to be moving toward the safe sliver before the AoE appears or you likely won’t make it out in time.

    To figure out the collision point of the planets, locate the slower of the two planets. If you happen to spot the fast one first, you know the slow one is directly behind you as long is it’s at the beginning of their orbits. In your head, rotate the slow planet about a quarter of the arena ahead on its path around the platform edge, and that’s approximately where the planets will collide. Run the opposite direction!

  • Elegeia
  • Galaxias – A knock-back from the center.
  • Elenchos – The Endsinger will draw close with a either a laser charging in her mouth or dark purple tears dripping down from her eyes.
    • Mouth laser: Move out of the center line of the arena; inside is pain.
    • Purple tears: Stay within the center line of the arena; outsides are pain.
  • Elenchos
  • Death’s Embrace – This is a modified Protean wave, aka each player will be targeted with a thin, conal AoE indicator. Spread out to avoid overlapping the damage. It may also be a wise choice to stay a bit away from the boss during the conals since once they go off, a Feather of Despair will drop where each player is standing. Move away from the feathers, as they will shortly spawn circular AoEs.
  • Aporrhoia – The boss with summon up 4 miniatures of herself at the front of the arena. Each of them will fire a linear AoE from north to south, so stand between them.
  • Hubris – Both tanks (or players with the highest hate) will be targeted with a tank buster.
  • Elegeia Unforgotten – This functions the same as normal Elegeia except that after the initial explosion goes off, it rewinds the collision to the point of impact and holds it there.
  • Fatalism – This restarts the rewind and re-collision of the selected Elegeia plants. You can see the thin, red tether indicating the chosen pair when the spell is cast. The planets will once again cause that huge AoE, but the explosion that you saw before won’t move from it’s previous spot.
  • Elegeia Unforgotten
  • Fatalism
  • Galaxias – If you don’t use your knock-back nullifier on this, make sure to use this knock-back to be thrown away from the Elegeia Unforgotten explosion.
  • Ekstasis – The Endsinger will drop 5 of her miniatures onto the platform, 1 in the center and 4 around the outside at either cardinals or intercardinals. Avoid the AoE circles that indicate their approach and then move between any of the 2 on an outer edge, preferably within range of the boss. Each of the miniatures will leak black ooze onto the floor, forcing players into 1 of 4 small safe spaces on the edges.
  • Interstellar – The boss will dive across the center of the platform, leaving only the edges safe to stand in. At the same time, 4 of 8 players will be targeted with pink, circular AoEs that travel with them. It’s best if players split these AoEs between the sides if they can. Do your best not to overlap and leave space for your unmarked friends. If you’re one of the unmarked players yourself, sometimes the best you can do if the side you’re on is crowded is to stack with a single AoE marked player to avoid being clipped by 2 AoEs.
  • Aporrhoia
  • Elenchos
  • Elegeia Unforgotten
  • Elegeia Unforgotten
  • Fatalism – One of the Elegeia Unforgottens, chosen at random, will be replayed. Pay attention to the thin, red tether that appears during the cast to identify which one it will be.
  • Galaxias – Use this to get away from the re-exploding planets. Immediately start running away from the remaining Elegeia Unforgotten once the AoE from the first has resolved.
  • Fatalism – The remaining frozen Elegeia Unforgotten will be set back in motion. I hope you’re running!
  • Nemesis – All players will be marked with pink, traveling AoEs. Spread out as minimally as possible in the projected space that will be left by the remaining Elegeia Unforgotten. You’ll have a little time to adjust when the giant AoE circle shows up, but not much.

(I sure did die in this example, but hey, it’s a pretty good view, huh!)

  • Death’s Embrace* + Elenchos – Spread out with the conals, avoid the feather AoE circles, and figure out if you’re going in or out from the center line.
  • Hubris
  • Aporrhoia
  • Elenchos
  • Elegeia
  • Nemesis
  • Interstellar
  • *Repeats from Death’s Embrace until 45%.
  • Planetes – This cast indicates the transition into the next phase.

Phase 2 – Kakodaimon

A minion will take up The Endsinger’s fight.

  • Meteor Radiant* – Planets will start projecting tethers from their positions in the sky, through the center of the arena and to the floor of the opposite side. They will fall along these tethers, creation circular AoEs, but these are smaller and more manageable than the giant ones made by Elegeia. A total of 4 of these will fall.
  • Meteor Outburst – Each player will be marked with a pink, traveling AoE. Spread out.
  • Katastrophe – Arena-wide damage.
  • Katastrophe
  • *Repeats from Meteor Radiant until Kakodaimon’s defeat.

Once you take out her minion, The Endsinger takes over again. You will very likely need to use the tank limit break for what comes next.

  • Fatalism

Phase 3

  • Telos – Arena-wide damage.
  • Telomania – This is an attack in 3 parts that repeats until The Endsinger’s defeat:
    • Four strikes of mild, arena-wide damage.
    • One stronger strike of arena-wide damage.
    • Four players will have a circular AoE appear under their feet, then another, then another, for a total of 3 in series. Move to dodge.

Congratulations, and dry those tears, you’ve completed The Final Day!