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Famitsu Interviews Naoki Yoshida on A Realm Awoken

In Final Fantasy XIV by Fusionx

Earlier today, Japanese site Famitsu posted an interview with Final Fantasy XIV head honcho Naoki Yoshida to discuss the upcoming Patch 2.1 titled A Realm Awoken. With his subligar equipped, Reinheart has gone through and posted some of the more note worthy information on Twitter. We’ve gone ahead and compiled them here just for you! One of the Bards skill is moving to another job. After a bug fix, jobs that couldn’t compete in the DPS department will be more …

Is Final Fantasy XI Coming To The PSVita?

In Gaming News by Fusionx

Could Final Fantasy XI be heading to Sony’s new handheld? In the latest issue of Famitsu, Producer Hiromichi Tanaka says that Square Enix is currently investigating a straight port of the game to the next generation portable. He adds that currently there is no solid plan at the moment. With the device having wi-fi and 3G capable models, Final Fantasy XI on the device would definitely be an interesting addition to the Vita’s library. Could a port of this 9 …

New Retainer Costumes, Monsters, and More

In Final Fantasy XIV by Gahoo

Famitsu and 4Gamer have released a few images from Square Enix on their websites. The images are of things we can expect to see in the future, however, the articles don’t specify exactly when. Some of it could be for November or December. Some of it could be included in version updates later down the line. Either way, the images are fun to look at, right? Check out the images here at Famitsu and then come back for the descriptions …

FFXIV for the PS3 Details via Famitsu/andriasang

In Final Fantasy XIV by Gahoo

Gaming news website andriasang has a new article up with information from the latest Famitsu Weekly magazine.  Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Director Nobuaki Komoto gave the magazine a little bit of information about how development for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV is coming along. “The PS3 version is currently 100% complete in terms of porting the game over from the PC, revealed Tanaka. It’s already running on the PS3, and the staff is performing optimizations to make it …

Final Fantasy XIV in 3D? Think again…

In Final Fantasy XIV by Gahoo

News has been floating around on the forums about a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV being shown in 3D as part of Sony’s press conference at Tokyo Game Show this week. That news hasn’t appeared on the front page because there hasn’t been any way to confirm what people were saying, that FFXIV was going to be 3D for the PS3 version.  It was not listed on the slide of games that are confirmed to support the technology such as …

Susan Calloway Revealed As Singer For Final Fantasy XIV’s Theme: “Answers”

In Final Fantasy XIV by Ganiman

A look at this weeks Famitsu from FFXIV-Fan not only reveals the name of the theme that Nobuo Uematsu created for Final Fantasy XIV but also the person who will be singing it. Susan Calloway will be the singer for Final Fantasy XIV’s theme: “Answers” which Famitsu reports can be heard during certain parts of the opening cut scenes of the game. Susan Calloway has made several appearances in the past couple of years at the Distant World concerts that …

News from Twitter, Famitsu and Japan Expo

In Final Fantasy XIV by Gahoo

The past week has revealed a few nuggets of information, most of which has already been fully digested on the forums, but it’s worthwhile to recap what we’ve learned the past week or so since E3.  We’ve seen a few french interviews stemming from the Japan Expo in France, plus one Famitsu article, and some official Square Enix tweets. So without further ado:

E3 2010 FFXIV Information Compilation

In Final Fantasy XIV by Ganiman

Eorzeapedia wasn’t the only website attending this year’s E3 with an eye on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. Several other media sites were there, and they also got some hands on time with the latest build of the game as well as a chance to sit down with FFXIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka. Now that everyone has posted their information we’ve thrown it all together in an easy to read list. Below we have videos, interview summaries and links to hands …

Famitsu Interviews Tanaka and Kurosawa at E3

In Final Fantasy XIV by Gahoo

Like many media outlets, Famitsu had their interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi (left) and North American Producer/Senior Manager of NA Operations Kurosawa Yasu (right) today.  Topics included the upcoming start of beta testing, possible 3D effects, and community reactions about the ongoing alpha build testing. You can find a copy of the original interview in Japanese on Famitsu’s website or our translated version below the break.

Aetheryte Radio 7: Luminous Protective Layer

In Aetheryte Radio by Fusionx

Listen in on Episode 7 as Aniero, Corinth, Fusionx and Steak discuss the content that has come out since episode 6 including some information about things going on with Eorzeapedia. We discuss Life in Eorzea #1 as well as talk about the clan and city-state information released via updates to the official FFXIV website. Corinth fills us in on whats been happening with with Dengeki and Famitsu over in Japan and provides some funny twitter stories. We also mentioned on …