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17 Apr 2010

Famitsu and 4Gamer take another look at alpha build

Over the past few days Famitsu and 4Gamer released new looks at the alpha build – and since both are still there, we’ll take a look at what they discussed.  Together the articles looked at the user interface, menu items, emotes,  trading and the leveling system.  Since they overlap in a of areas we’ll look
9 Apr 2010

Famitsu and Dengeki Interviews Regarding Alpha

Two articles have recently surfaced in the Japanese Press over the last few days. Unfortunately our trusty translator Corinth is in the process of moving into a new apartment due to some unexpected issues regarding water. I worked a bit with Elmer from ZAM to clean up the images from the Famitsu article and as
12 Mar 2010

Famitsu Interview with Developers Okada, Sato, and Iwao

Another day, another article.  Today’s information is also courtesy of Famitsu.  Along with the developer comments they had for the various classes, they also had a short one page interview with the three developers.  Once again, let’s take a look at what Battle Director Atsushi Okada, Planner Sei Sato, and Planner Kenichi Iwao had to
11 Mar 2010

Detailed Class Info from Famitsu and 4Gamer

The day of the FFXIV Beta Test Site opening is upon us.  Many people are anxiously awaiting a chance to play the alpha build and test out game play.  What better time than today for Square Enix to give us more detailed information about some of the classes people will be playing around with!  Both
10 Mar 2010

New Famitsu to hit shelves soon. Site update imminent?

The next issue of Famitsu appears to have a ton of FFXIV information.  And when that happens, an official site update is usually not far behind.  So we can all look forward to what looks to be a pretty massive explosion of information in the next 24 hours.  Here are some of the images to
28 Feb 2010

Famitsu (via Andriasang) Clairifies Alpha/Beta Timing (a bit)

Perhaps not surprisingly, the release of information at VanaFest 2010 about the upcoming FFXIV beta testing has caused quite a stir in the community.  But many (including us) may have jumped the gun in proclaiming beta to be starting on March 11.  Well in a Q&A session after the event, Famitsu attempted to clarify the
4 Feb 2010

To start? Or not to start? That is the question.

With beta applications now 6 weeks old, the chatter is all about (for some) when Square Enix will pull the trigger on the first round of beta testing, or (for others) how Square Enix started a beta test that nobody knows about.  With this chatter comes speculation, and with speculation comes speculation about Japanese interviews
23 Dec 2009

New Details on FFXIV Storyline Revealed!

More information has come out regarding the upcoming Famitsu article.  Andriasang has posted both a quasi-translation of the article, which includes an interview with planner Yaeko Sato.  According to the article, Sato “is in charge of FFXIV’s main story.”  That main story is the “first story that players learn of when arriving in the world
10 Oct 2009

This Week in the Magazines (and more!)

Going between two languages, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. Not only that, but for Final Fantasy XIV, the sites for each region are also presented in entirely different ways. That means sometimes there can be pictures or text in one that doesn't show up in the either. At the moment, we have extensive text on the NA site about some of the beast families like Aldgoats and Antelopes. However, the Japanese site does not contain any additional text, just the pictures that were released to the Japanese media as well. For those in Japan, they have to get their information from the magazines released this weekend or one of the several gaming news websites like GAME Watch or 4gamer. Let's check out what was in the magazines that isn't on the NA site as well as what things may have been lost along the way.
6 Oct 2009

Weekly Famitsu FFXIV Scans

While we wait for our trusty translator Corinth to get her hands on the full spread, here is the scan to keep the chatter alive.  Looks like we have a new class confirmed – Lancer and two new beastiary entries – Raptors and Aldgoats.  See anything else?
21 Sep 2009

This Week in the Magazines

Now in Tokyo!  Very tired but I can’t turn off the computer until I tell you some of the nifty things from this week in the magazines.  For example….  where does the music for the trailer come from?  Tanaka reveals the answer in the full length version of the interview done with Enterbrain’s Hamamura.  And
11 Sep 2009

This Week in the Magazines: Part 1 with Famitsu

For this week’s issue, we’ll have two parts.  Today, part 1 with the interesting little bits pulled from Weekly Famitsu. The other day, Gahoo linked to an article on featuring opinions on online gaming from three different Japanese game makers.  What was available there was actually just a small portion of a big feature
9 Sep 2009

RUMOR: New info from Famitsu

We are still days away from the next issue of Famitsu, but Ryumihyoh from the forums has uncovered some leaked information from a Japanese website by an unknown translator. Take this all with a grain of salt until we get actual scans and translations, but at least some of the information is interesting, and all
6 Sep 2009

Recently in the Magazines

Have you seen the pictures that came out this week?  Thanks to information released through Weekly Famitsu and Famitsu Online, we now have pictures of three more monsters that will feel the business end of our swords in Final Fantasy XIV.  Players of FFXI are familiar with Puks and Opo-opos, despite major changes in appearance. 
31 Aug 2009

Famitsu WaveDVD: Hiro and Hama’s Little Chat

Last month we learned that Final Fantasy XIV would be the cover title for this month’s issue of Famitsu WaveDVD magazine.  Despite not having anything from the recent gamescom, the DVD contains over 12 minutes of footage for FFXIV.  Most of it is between Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura.  A few comments
23 Aug 2009

Tanaka makes presentation at Intel booth

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka along with another member of Square Enix’s staff gave a presentation on FFXIV using chip-maker Intel’s presentation stage located in their booth. This isn’t the first time Intel has partnered up with SE. Back at Vanafest 2008, a large number of the ads on the screens prior to the
21 Aug 2009

Tanaka plays FFXIV (video from Famitsu)

Now you too can hear about FFXIV straight from Tanaka. The video is in Japanese but it’s still fun to watch him play versus video of people playing that haven’t a clue how to use the controls. (Not their fault! Tanaka’s had time to practice.) Famitsu divided the video up into two parts. Enjoy! PART
21 Aug 2009

Famitsu: Interview with Hiromichi Tanaka

A longer interview was conducted at gamescom by Famitsu with Hiromichi Tanaka. Tanaka showed off the alpha build while answering questions, giving us hints as to how guildleves work as well as more information about the battle system. At the end, he talks about how he thinks game testing will proceed and his thoughts on
21 Aug 2009

Famitsu: Interview with Sage Sundi

Don’t expect anything from the magazines this week. Dengeki PlayStation won’t go on sale until next week and there is nothing in Weekly Famitsu either. That’s ok though because everything we need is already on the net, free for anybody to read. First off, interviews with FFXIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and FFXIV Global Producer Sage
7 Aug 2009

This Week in Weekly Famitsu: Interview info included

This week there are more pages than usual in Weekly Famitsu. Monster Hunter 3 is on the cover with the main Weekly Famitsu mascot getting ready for battle. There is also a 100 page mini guide! Wish I had known that before buying the Rookie’s Guide last night. Let’s take a look into this exciting