Famitsu: A Little Look at Limsa Lominsa

Famitsu released another look at the only available city during the current alpha test – Limsa Lominsa.  Again we have mostly images, and not a whole lot of really new content, but the eye-candy of this city is worth it!  Few notes before the images:

  • The city is constructed on multiple levels.  This makes for a rather grand (albeit confusing) experience when traversing the city.
  • Limsa Lominsa is, as we know, a port city – but also one that is basically a city at sea.  So we see bridges, docks and boats.
  • There are quite a few merchants in the city – selling everything from cotton robes to potions.  Some of the guilds have their own shops where they sell their wares, and the smaller merchants are located in two separate areas in the center of town in stalls.
  • Masks, glasses and other facial gear are visible.