Andriasang leaks Famitsu information

Andriasang, a Japanese gaming blog, is reporting that the next Famitsu will feature an interview with the Final Fantasy XIV team.  Their bullet point summary, which came from another gaming blog, Game Jouhou, is as follows:

  • The alpha test had bad tempo with insufficient explanations. They’ve made some revisions to the beta, resulting in a completely different system.
  • It will be easier to save up Gil.
  • You remember that amazing comparison shot showing how much better the beta looks compared to the alpha? It seems that the beta uses a different technique for its shadows. The alpha version used something called “Project Shadows” while the beta version uses “Depth Buffer Shadows.”
  • The city of Limsa Lominsa will have two levels.
  • There will be a robust log filter in place. This is something that wasn’t finished in time for the alpha.
  • They’re readying something large scale for your home, which functions like FFXI’s Mog House.
  • They’ll soon be adding alpha testers as part of the new “alpha 2” phase. They’ve already selected the participants via drawing!
  • As you play the game, you’ll be able to freely change the god that you select during character making.
  • Vehicles for FFXIV include Chocobo, horse driven carriage, boat, and air ship.
  • You’ll be able to select different colors for your equipment.
  • The Beta version will see some system changes that will make it so that you can more easily string together your attacks.

Three final notes worth mentioning, a quick look at the original Game Jouhou page (google translation), also shows otherwise unreported lines – first loosely translated from Japanese into broken English by Google, and then from broken English into the below by yours truly.  Even considering the source, these are still noteworthy:

  • They are considering allowing player bazaars to run even while players are logged out.
  • Players can participate in the the fighting arena and gambling halls in Ul’dah.
  • Items can be inscribed like in FFXI.

We’ll be on the lookout for the actual Famitsu article, so we can verify these (and other?) bits of information.