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Naoki Yoshida Teases More Endwalker Details in New Famitsu Interview

9 Aug 2022

Ahead of the Letter from the Producer LIVE scheduled for later this week, Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave several interviews to Japanese media outlets discussing FFXIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory.

Thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit, we have translations of what was discussed, primarily taken from this interview with Famitsu. Please be aware that some of the following information may contain spoilers both for the MSQ as well as the Pandaemonium questline.

Patch 6.2 “Buried Memory”

  • “Memory” as a theme will be present both in the MSQ as well as in the Pandaemonium raid series. Both dealing with either forgotten or sealed memories, and the question whether we will uncover or reawaken them.
  • The new trial in 6.2 will be part of the MSQ, but specifics will remain a mystery until the patch releases. It will also be somewhat harder than usual trials, even on Normal mode.
  • Pandaemonium’s story will dive deeper into the way of thinking of the Ancients and the question “What are they trying to seal within the depths of Pandaemonium?”
  • The new Savage tier will be harder than the first, as players are now more familiar with their jobs and their rotation. Visuals and visibility during the fights will be better than in the last tier, after players gave the team a lot of feedback— especially for the third fight.
  • The fights will also be “flashier” than in the first tier after players complained that the fights were somewhat plain compared to Eden.
  • The new tomestone will be released on the day of the patch, not the day of Savage release, giving players more time to prepare for the new tier and giving players an edge towards the new fights.

Further MSQ Details and the Direction of the Endwalker 6.x Patch Series

  • The 6.x series will differ somewhat from the usual pattern, with signs of what’s to come in 7.0 not showing up until patch 6.5.
  • A certain event will end the 6.x narrative and completely change the story and lead into the events of 7.0.
  • According to Yoshida, the “weakest” member in a newly revealed group of enemies (the Four Fiends) will appear first in the story, though he did not mention when this would happen.

Variant and Criterion Dungeons

  • Players will be able to interact with certain things on the routes through the new Variant Dungeons, such as pressing switches, which will alter the mechanics of the next boss. Though Yoshida implied that pushing that button might not always be a good idea and that players will have to figure the mechanics out for themselves.
  • Every route will have two bosses.
  • Variant Dungeons will have unique actions to balance out potentially missing roles within the party. Such as recovering health or bolstering defense.
  • As stated before, the Normal Criterion Dungeons will allow for matchmaking through the Duty Finder and allow any composition through the Party Finder. The Savage Criterion Dungeons, on the other hand will have no matchmaking and will require a regular light party.

Island Sanctuary

  • There is no story attached to the Island Sanctuary, only small missions linked to the exploration of the island.
  • While the weather on the island will change, there won’t be any snow on the island, due to its geographic location.
  • The gameplay on the island will be — for the most part — self-contained and not linked to any other system of the game. Only if you explore every little detail will you find something that connects to life outside of the island.
  • Some elements of the island development may be on a weekly timer, such as raising crops.
  • Yoshida confirmed again that housing items cannot be used on the island. It is not intended as a replacement for housing.
  • You can earn new mounts and other items on the island.
  • Minions, but not mounts, will be able to roam freely on the island, but Yoshida doesn’t rule out future expansions to include mounts.
  • Players will be able to queue up for duties from their Island Sanctuary.

Relic Weapons

  • After the last two expansions, the decision was made to return to the model of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward in regards to the Relic progression system (i.e. to not link it to an exploration zone).
  • Both the scenario and the battle team decided it would be fun to have Godbert and Gerolt interact.
  • Yoshida said that he hoped players would enjoy the relic progression and play it casually.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Rewards for Crystalline Conflict will be improved in the new season based on player feedback.
  • Overall, the team is happy with the job balance in Crystalline Conflict.
  • Plans for an official tournament are ongoing, but no details were provided.
  • New UI features will be introduced in 6.2.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.