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More Interviews With FFXIV's Naoki Yoshida Drop Ahead of Patch 6.1

31 Mar 2022

As we get ready for the second part of the Patch 6.1 Letter From the Producer LIVE, several Japanese media outlets published new interviews with Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida. Chief among them is another interview by Famitsu, as well as pieces from Game Watch and 4Gamer.

As with the last Famitsu interview, the FFXIV Subreddit has compiled a translated overview with all the important information of each interview, with a more detailed translation on their Discord server. These are, of course, fan translations and therefore not official translations by Square Enix. They do give us, however, more insight on patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, as well as more hints and ideas of how the new player experience will be improved going forward.

You can find the full Reddit overview here, we have compiled a couple of interesting tidbits:

  • 6.1 might become a new starting point for players in the future but Yoshida has yet to discuss this with his team.
  • The decision to not unveil the name of the 6.1 dungeon was made last second while doing the slides for the Live Letter. Players should expect more “mischievousness” from him and the team during the 6.x patches.
  • The necessity of zone instances and the automatic logout will be revisited after the launch of 6.1.
  • Yoshida described the “Myths of the Realm” Alliance Raid as an epilogue to the Hydaelyn and Zodiark saga, adding that the gameplay reminded him of “Return to Ivalice” and calling it “quite difficult.”
  • The new “Endsinger’s Aria” Extreme trial will be “close to Savage” in difficulty and therefore drop two totems per clear.
  • Trust companions for the 3.0 and 3.x dungeons will include story-related NPCs.

Additionally, Yoshida talked about PvP, the return of Hildibrand, and further explanation of why his story continuation was skipped in Shadowbringers. Undoubtedly, we will learn much of this and more during tomorrow’s Letter From the Producer LIVE LXX starting at 4:00 am (PDT). As ever, we will cover all important updates and news coming from the Live Letter right here.