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New Retainer Costumes, Monsters, and More

25 Nov 2010

Famitsu and 4Gamer have released a few images from Square Enix on their websites. The images are of things we can expect to see in the future, however, the articles don’t specify exactly when. Some of it could be for November or December. Some of it could be included in version updates later down the line. Either way, the images are fun to look at, right?

Check out the images here at Famitsu and then come back for the descriptions from Square Enix (the green text below the pictures).  It doesn’t seem the sites were given any specific information outside of the PR text.

New Retainer Costumes

The top of the article has some sample pictures of new outfits for retainers.


Here we have two retainers: a Miqo’te with a sexy bust line and an Elezen dressed up like a butler.  Either one looks like they’d be able to take good care of an adventurer’s belongings.

Notorious Monsters

4 new NMs are showcased in the article.  Names come from the article.

1st: Tarbh Uisge(タープ・ウーシュカ)


One type of Great Buffalo.  This creature was taken around to various parts of the globe and subjected over and over to spells that would rile or pacify it.  The result of those actions is this fierce beast who finds pleasure in squishing other creatures under its massive feet.  Last report was that the army had transported the beast to a deserted island but…

2nd: Elder Mosshorn (エルダーモスホーン)

大山羊アルドゴートの中に、ごく稀に異常な長寿を誇る大型個体がおり、”苔角(” モスホーン)と呼ばれる。湾曲した美角からひと目でそれとわかる苔角によって複数の群れが束ねられ、肥沃な地を求めて大移動が始まることがあるという。

Amongst the aldgoats, on rare occasions there will be one blessed with a large body and longevity.  They are called Mosshorns.  It’s easy to tell them apart from the others by their beautiful curved horns.  It is said they will gather up a number of flocks and migrate across long distances in search of fertile land.

3rd:  Uraeus (ウラエウス)


A morphed silvery peiste that appears to sparkle thanks to its reflective scales.  In the Eorzean mythology of the 12, he is known as the severant of the Sun Goddess Azeyma.  Its skin is named after that of a beautiful snake and worth its weight in gold.  However, more than one hunter has lost their life to the creature’s deadly poison.

4th:  Zanig’oh (ザニゴ)


An experimental living weapon developed by Amalj’aan alchemists from the body of a Drake. The sharp objects around its limbs increase its lust for battle.  In its thick scales you’ll find a magical crest which serves to increase its elemental resistance.  This creature is considered the trump card for taking over Ul’dah.

Additional Monsters

3 other monster types were shown off as well: Puddings, Goblins, and Diremites.


The pudding’s body is made of a soft, flabby geletin substance. It’s a magical monster with evil large eyes and a giant mouth capabile of speaking the language of mankind.  It is incredibly smart but also poor at controlling its emotions.  You could say it wears its heart on its sleeve as the creature changes color depending on its mood.  Some biologists actually claim that puddings are close to the races that make up mankind…


Strange gas masks and large backpacks are the trademarks of this tiny beastman race, the Goblins.  Many are gatherers (Disciples of the Land) or crafters (Disciples of Hand) and they helped support the economy of Eorzean from outside any city walls.  However, within the past few years, it seems that the entire race of Goblins has embarked on a pilgrimage undertaken by their people once every hundred years.


Diremites are giant arthropods.  They live much like ants do.  The leaders are the banemites (English name unknown) in charge of reproduction.  On the front lines are the few and the proud, the diremites.  The majority of their kind are the miterings (English name unknown) who labor away.  Most of the time they eat the most disgusting things.  They are known to wander to different lands, looting and piliging as they go.

New Weapons

Three new weapons were shown off.  The Famitsu article hints that these may be higher level weapons.  No names this time so we’ll just go left to right.


A double-edged sword adorned with shiny golden ornaments.  With such a fat blade, it seems this weapon is suitable for attacking monsters larger than yourself.  Also pay attention to the beautiful sheath, the first in the game!


The two-pronged head makes this spear rather distinitive.  With those additional blades on the side, it appears this would do a lot of damage to a target not only when you skewer it, but when you pull your weapon back as well.


This is a rather perplexing weapon.  It looks like an axe but it also looks like a staff.  Notice the exquisit design: an elobrate dragon with a red jewel inset in the middle.  Perhaps this is for the seasoned adventurer…?