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News from Twitter, Famitsu and Japan Expo

8 Jul 2010

The past week has revealed a few nuggets of information, most of which has already been fully digested on the forums, but it’s worthwhile to recap what we’ve learned the past week or so since E3.  We’ve seen a few french interviews stemming from the Japan Expo in France, plus one Famitsu article, and some official Square Enix tweets.

So without further ado:

First, according to the official Square Enix twitter feed for FFXIV (which went live on June 30), beta testing will commence this Saturday, July 10.  Good luck and good testing to all the lucky testers! With the official release date fast approaching, it will surely be an exciting and busy time for all the testers.

From Japan Expo come two interviews, one by and one, both french sites covering various aspects of MMOs in general and/or Final Fantasy specifically.  While much of the information covered in these interviews was revealed during E3, there are a few new tidbits worth noting.

From jeuxonline:

  • Retainers will be placed in set marketplace stalls and be able to hold, and sell, player goods while a player is offline.  At this time there is no auction house in the game.
  • Levequests yield, in addition to tangible rewards, reputation.
  • As was the case in FFXI, some mobs will attack unprovoked on sight, but will refrain from such an attack if the player is too high a level.
  • Instanced dungeons and notorious monsters are in the works.
  • Currently is is possible to raise all crafts to maximum level.

From ffworld:

  • PS3 was delayed because of lack of RAM.
  • PS3 will have a fixed resolution.
  • Square will have another meeting this month to discuss the timing of the PS3 bet.
  • French version (and presumably German as well) will have English voice overs with subtitles.
  • Chocobos will be used as mounts and also in a brand new way.

Finally, Famitsu has released a new article with some news.

  • New Land and Hand classes – Harvester (DoL), Armorer (DoH), Goldsmith (DoH) and Woodworker (DoH).  The names are subject to change once they are officially released on the English web site.
  • Changing the “face type” changes more than just the face (specifically it is noted that the nose shape and bust size change).

That’s the news from the past few days.  Nothing really earth shattering – but still worthy of a lot of discussion for sure.