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Famitsu Interviews Naoki Yoshida on A Realm Awoken

4 Dec 2013


Earlier today, Japanese site Famitsu posted an interview with Final Fantasy XIV head honcho Naoki Yoshida to discuss the upcoming Patch 2.1 titled A Realm Awoken.

With his subligar equipped, Reinheart has gone through and posted some of the more note worthy information on Twitter. We’ve gone ahead and compiled them here just for you!

  • One of the Bards skill is moving to another job.
  • After a bug fix, jobs that couldn’t compete in the DPS department will be more comparable to Black Mage in terms of damage output.
  • Ultima Weapon Hard Mode will have a story that involves the Wandering Minstrel. The requirements are light, so people can jump into it quickly.
  • Hard mode dungeons will have a different feel and effects like fog so that players will know immediately when entering that it will be challenging.
  • Every patch will have two hard modes of existing dungeons in addition to one new dungeon.
  • After the expansion, there will be a dungeon that is harder than the Binding Coil of Bahamut.
  • EXP in dungeons will increase by 150%. On top of that, combined with the roulette and rest bonuses, players will see three times the amount of EXP from dungeons than they currently do.
  • After placing a furniture item in your house it becomes unsellable on the market.
  • Cost of housing is still undecided- the team is looking at the economy to decide carefully.
  • Treasure Hunt system- DoL can find maps that DoW/DoM can use to open chests that spawn monsters. It can be soloed, however higher levels will require a party to be successful.
  • Beastmen Dailies- 2.1 will have quests with two of the beastmen tribes, more will be added later.
  • Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to Steam
  • Patch 2.2 will have around 1.5x the amount of storyline as 2.1.
  • Patch 2.2 will include the fight against Leviathan as well as its extreme mode version.
  • Players will be able to rank up to 30 in PvP in patch 2.1.
  • Summoner’s Bane will be adjusted in 2.1.
  • Crystal Tower loot restriction is one item per week. Once an item is obtained, you have to wait for a reset before you are able to obtain more.
  • Extreme Primal fights allow one reward per week. You must defeat all three Primals for this.
  • The previously stated cap raise for Allagan Tomestones of Mythology to 450 is not set in stone, it could be raised or lowered.
  • Aside from an ilvl 90 weapon, EM primal chests will contain accessories.
  • Good King Moogle Mog difficulty is between that of Garuda and Titan. There are speech bubbles that pop up during the fight that are fun to read.
  • Sirius Pharos will be the hardest 4-man dungeon.
  • Before 2.2, they would like to do a Titan and Ultima HM battle challenge. Prior to 2.3 they would like to do Leviathan HM and Ultima Weapon EM.
  • Regarding the Fan Fest World Tour- Europe will see one event as the schedule is too tight to have an event in each country.