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Final Fantasy XIV in 3D? Think again...

18 Sep 2010

News has been floating around on the forums about a trailer for Final Fantasy XIV being shown in 3D as part of Sony’s press conference at Tokyo Game Show this week. That news hasn’t appeared on the front page because there hasn’t been any way to confirm what people were saying, that FFXIV was going to be 3D for the PS3 version.  It was not listed on the slide of games that are confirmed to support the technology such as the upcoming Gran Turismo 5.  Producer Hiromichi Tanaka has also said the previous display of FFXIV in 3D was a tech demo done in cooperation with NVIDIA.

The evening the news hit, we watched twitter and 2ch for chat from Japanese players about Sony’s presentation. After all, it would be big news right? Nobody was talking about it.

Today, a number of Japanese gaming news sites like Famitsu and 4Gamer posted their articles about the Sony presser. They all say the same thing. Final Fantasy XIV was shown in 3D at the Sony press conference as a tech demonstration only. There were other games as well that were shown in 3D as a demonstration of the technology, like Metal Gear Solid Rising, but the press was told that the demos do not mean the games will actually be supporting 3D.

So there you have it folks.  Hopefully nobody ran out to buy a 3D TV after they saw the announcement.  This isn’t to say that FFXIV won’t support 3D in the future but for the meantime, don’t plan on it.

If you’d like to check out pictures from Sony’s press conference, including a few images of FFXIV, check out Engadget’s coverage here.