22 Jan 2019

Live Performances of the Kingdom Hearts Theme Songs Available on PlayStation VR

Kingdom Hearts and Hikaru Utada fans rejoice! Live performances of Kingdom Hearts theme songs, “Hikari” (Kingdom Hearts) and “Chikai” (Kingdom Hearts III) are now available for your viewing pleasure on PlayStation VR.
14 May 2018

Nexon Recruitment Listing For FFXI Mobile Shows New Images

After a lengthy drought of information following Nexon’s investor report back in August, new proof of life for Final Fantasy XI Mobile has surfaced in the form of screenshots found within a job posting.
25 Jul 2017

E3 2017 King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

At this year’s E3 Square Enix was pushing two of their mobile titles: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is celebrating its one year anniversary for its global version, and their latest mobile Final Fantasy XV related title, King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon. We had the opportunity to sit down with Producers for both
22 Jun 2017

E3 2017 Quick-Look: Project CARS 2

If there’s one thing that you can look forward to every E3, it’s the consistently awesome offerings of Bandai-Namco. This year was no different. Among their demos was a fantastic racing setup for Project CARS 2.
16 May 2017

Hands-On With Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Last month, Gamer Escape was given a sneak peak at the upcoming Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the PlayStation 4.
10 May 2017

The May Version Update Has Landed!

The third step of the Escutcheon questline makes an appearance this month, together with some high-level synthesis recipes of an extreme difficulty level, each producing Superior 3 equipment usable with a new gift being introduced! On the battlefront, the monthly changes to Ambuscade are available, the Ark Angel TT has been added to the alter
10 May 2017

Announcing the 15th Vana’versary Mog Bonanza!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XI’s release. In celebration of this momentous occasion and in thanks for your steadfast support, we will be holding the 15th Vana’versary Mog Bonanza! In addition to the usual slew of wonderful prizes, the luckiest of the lucky will receive the Onion Sword II cosmetic item!
4 May 2017

Final Fantasy XI Version Update Scheduled For May 10th

The next version update is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10. Check out all the details here.
4 May 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II: What We Know And Can Predict From Existing Canon

With the always delightful Star Wars Celebration far behind us and May 4th upon us, gamers and Star Wars fans from all walks of life are now left with the nigh impossible task of waiting until November 17th for the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II. Here’s what we know about the game and can
4 May 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II: 7 Ways To Keep Busy Between Now And November

With the always delightful Star Wars Celebration far behind us and May 4th upon us, gamers and Star Wars fans from all walks of life are now left with the nigh impossible task of waiting until November 17th for the release of Star Wars: Battlefront II. Here’s 7 ways to fill the time until you
3 May 2017

The 15th Vana’versary Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

It’s that time of year again! Final Fantasy XI launched May 16, 2002 in Japan for the PlayStation 2 and this year marks it’s 15th anniversary. While we’re sure to get even juicier items, events and bonuses once the May Version Update lands, here’s a list of campaigns that will be active during the period.
14 Nov 2016

The Evolution of Final Fantasy XI: Community Live Stream

Over the past couple of years the world of Vana’diel has changed in many new and exciting ways, and if you’ve been on an adventuring hiatus for a bit, there’s a good chance you might have missed out on some of the great quality-of-life changes that make it easier than ever to adventure throughout Vana’diel.
14 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Presentation

Check out our Keynote Presentation coverage!
14 Oct 2016

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Teaser Trailer

Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion: Stormblood! [x_video_embed][/x_video_embed] You can find the official website for the expansion here.
7 Aug 2016

FFXI Development Team Reddit AMA

Towards the tail end of July, the FFXI Development Team titans Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito stopped by Reddit to field some questions from the masses.
7 Jul 2016

A Look at Necropolis- Death Becomes Me… A Bunch.

I love stabbing things- in games that is. As satisfying as it might be to shank and pillage from annoying family members and small isolated fishing villages in the frozen north, I actively choose to remain out of jail by limiting my rage induced slaughters to those of the video game variety. Necropolis has the
18 Jun 2016

The Legend of E3: Booth of the Wild

It started like any other convention day- wake up at 6, shower, eat breakfast, grab a coffee and hit the road. The traffic gods smiled upon me this glorious day, and me, the optimist, began to foolishly think that I might be able to actually try Nintendo’s only demo at this year’s E3- The Legend
7 Jun 2016

The June Version Update Has Arrived!

This week, the June version update went live for Final Fantasy XI. Included in the update are additions to Ambuscade battle content and rewards, chocobo and mount adjustments, and a new Seekers of Adoulin quest for players who have completed the expansion’s main story line and a bevy of previous achievements at the Celennia Memorial
16 May 2016

FFXIV Fan Fest 2016 Teaser Site Opens

We’re happy to announce that the teaser site for Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas is now open! Ever since the initial announcement that Fan Festival will be making its glorious return in 2016, adventurers the world over have been anxiously awaiting more information about the event. While this site serves to provide only a
2 May 2016

Check Out This Final Fantasy XI Virtual Reality Chat Room!

Anyone remember .hack//SIGN? It was an anime that hit the States back in the early 2000’s on Adult Swim that was set in the fictitious MMORPG, “The World”, a game that was conceptually ahead of our time utilizing virtual reality (VR) headsets in place of a standard screen. While we’re still years away from VR