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Nexon Recruitment Listing For FFXI Mobile Shows New Images

14 May 2018

After a lengthy drought of information following Nexon’s investor report back in August, new proof of life for Final Fantasy XI Mobile has surfaced in the form of screenshots found within a job posting.
Super sleuth and Redditor arciele discovered the screenshots, noting that the images appear to have been uploaded to the Nexon site on the 27th of April.

Looking at the job listing, Nexon’s search for a Scenario Writer could mean that the engine and overall structure of the game is more or less nearing completion. Considering that the primary duties for the position include quest planning and script production as well as set up and story planning, depending on how quickly these get implemented (pre-production for FFXI Mobile started back in 2015 with the Vana’diel Project’s announcement), it might not be entirely out of the realm of possibility that we see an alpha or beta version by the end of this year.

On May 10th, Nexon released their Q1 earnings report for 2018, which adds a decent amount of kindling to the speculation fire. Within the presentation, Nexon establishes a pipeline for future titles which still includes FFXI Mobile (as seen on slide 17) as well as their Full-Year Outlook, where Nexon is quote, “preparing multiple mobile games for 2018 for Japan, North America, Europe and other regions” (noted on slide 13). Whether or not this directly ties into the impeding release of FFXI Mobile has yet to be seen, but any news at this point is frankly, good news for longtime fans of the original title.

For those interested in the Scenario Writer position, you can find the full job listing here.