Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Presentation

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  • 4.o Announced! New expansion: “Stormblood”
  • Check out the trailer here:


  •  Warrior of light moves to Monk for 4.0 from Dragoon!
  • New Hamlet- Rhalger’s Reach- Area in the trailer
    • HQ of Ala Mhigo’s Resistance.
    • 4.0 story starts here.

(Koji needs to relax)

  • 4.0 features
    • NEW JOBS.
      • SCARLET WITCH SHIRT- Red Mage?!
    • Level Cap 60->70.
      • New actions, BUT NEW BATTLE SYSTEM
        • Regrouping skills to be shared by roles instead of jobs.
          • Then from those shared actions, you choose what you want.
      • Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions.
        • Slim actions down, make it easier to get into.
        • Rehauling the UI and creating icons for each job.
          • Want each job to be more than just looking at timers.
      • New areas Duh- Same size if not bigger than 3.0.
      • All new Primals.
        • Many Many new primals.
      • Challenging New Dungeons.
      • High End Raids.
        • 3 levels of Raid- Story, Normal, Savage.
        • Make it feel like a very final fantasy esque raid.
      • New Alliance Raids.
        • Waiting until Tokyo for news.
      • Forbidden Land Eureka.
        • Exploration, Unique to Stormblood- own area.
        • 72 Hour HNMs.
        • High End Weapons Set Here For Upgrading?
      • New Gear and Recipes (duh).
      • Item Inventory Expansion.
        • Armory Chest AND Bag.
        • Not an Easy Fix- Server infrastructure is delicate balance.
          • Increase as much as humanly possible.
        • Might split expansion in two parts- more details in letter from producers
      • Fourth Residential Area.
        • Won’t tell us where- Ishgard? Ala Mhigo? Directly related to the main storyline.
        • Ready with launch of 4.0.
      • In game Footage.
        • Lots of height- will there be flight in 4.0?
        • Castrums! Metal towers! With flags!
        • Big Wall shown splits Ala Mhigo and Black Shroud.
        • Garlean Architecture is going to be more established since its been there for 20 years.
        • More info at letter from producer live and upcoming FanFest.
        • All 4.0 areas accessible by flying mounts, but you gotta get the aetherial attunement- easier than finding Moogles.
      • Thats all for Stormblood info.
        • Just an introduction.
        • From now until Early Summer, 2 more FanFests!
      • Two more special announcements that will accompany.
        • Changes to Windows Minimum requirements.
          • Current specs geared towards core 2 duo support– can’t buy anymore.
          • Need 64 bit OS- will continue to support 32 but they really really want you to upgrade.
        • End of PS3 Support.
          • Upgrade Campaign to PS4.
            • Totally Free.
          • The minute Stormblood launches, PS3 will no longer work.
      • Exactly one hour.
        • Just beginning of fanfest.
        • Special Stormblood artwork from Amano.
      • Dev Team comes out!

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Presentation

  1. Aside from the re balancing of the job stuff which it honestly could use, it looks like the same exact thing as heavensward but a new area and story…and endgame is gonna keep chugging along as the same exact thing with new skins it seems.


  2. Scarlet was more of DANCER in the last movie… The lady in red was DANCING… I think DANCE is the key.

    1. I think she will be your next monk teacher, and maybe also reward a new emote dance for some quest.

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