Live Performances of the Kingdom Hearts Theme Songs Available on PlayStation VR

22 Jan 2019

Kingdom Hearts and Hikaru Utada fans rejoice! Live performances of Kingdom Hearts theme songs, “Hikari” (Kingdom Hearts) and “Chikai” (Kingdom Hearts III) are now available for your viewing pleasure on PlayStation VR.

Hikaru Utada’s Laughter in The Dark tour concluded late 2018, coinciding with the release of her 7th Japanese album, Hatsukoi, and her first live tour since her sold out American venture, In The Flesh, in 2009. While PlayStation VR is no stranger to sporting events, comedy shows or music festivals like Coachella, these concert clips are among the first of their kind on the PlayStation Store, creating a niche that’s just begging to be filled.

In an interview, PlayStation had the opportunity to sit down with Director Wataru Takeishi and Chief Producer Yoshimasa Takahashi about their creative decisions when it came to recreating Utada’s tour performances for VR. Among these choices is a different approach to filming; rather than default to the standard 360-degree viewing format for VR, Takeishi and Takahashi filmed the performance with how a normal concert goer would take in a show, with a visible range less than 180-degrees and a heavy focus on Utada’s movement, allowing for a stereoscopic sensation.

Coupled with her move to her new record label, Sony Music Japan, and the recent release of the Face My Fears EP, Hikaru Utada is back for a vengeance and could be the spark that begins a change in the way we consume concerts from now on.

You can pick up Hikaru Utada’s VR performances on the PlayStation Store for free, and make sure to check out the Face My Fears EP, which has both the English and Japanese Kingdom Hearts III themes.