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E3 2017 King's Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

25 Jul 2017

At this year’s E3 Square Enix was pushing two of their mobile titles: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which is celebrating its one year anniversary for its global version, and their latest mobile Final Fantasy XV related title, King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Producers for both titles and talk about their projects and what players can expect from them.

King’s Knight: Wrath Of The Dark Dragon

For King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon, we sat down with Producer Daisuke Motohashi.

The original King’s Knight was released in 1986 for the NES in Japan, over a year before the launch of the first Final Fantasy game, before it was released in the United States in 1989. Given the large time gap between this new title and the original, the teams wanted to make sure that this new iteration of the game paid homage to it’s predecessor, while taking full advantage of the latest technology. Motohashi-san showed us a short preview of the game where we saw things like the blending of of 8-bit and 3D environments as well as the inclusion of older 8-bit music with a new modern game score.

When asked about how they decided to reinvent the original King’s Knight, Motohashi-san mentioned the brand new story line and characters that we’ll encounter in the game while emphasizing the effort to preserve the overall feel of the original because he “found that the controls felt really good with breaking walls and fighting enemies” and wanted to make sure “[they] brought that over.”

We also learned that King’s Knight will indeed be a Free To Play title, but that there will of course be an in game shop available for characters and weapons that players can purchase with in game currency. Motohashi-san emphasized that in game currency won’t be an issue to come across if you play the game a lot, so all players will have access to those items as long as they are active players.

The character models shown in the video presentation showed off the unique style of King’s Knight and how seamlessly the 8-bit characters and rendered environments blend together, stating that a many of the choices for whether or not a character should appear in either 8-bit or a newer 3d model were simply based on situational aesthetic, to make the characters look as good as possible.

Further, there are multiple jobs or classes in King’s Knight, each with different strengths, weaknesses and abilities that will change the way you tackle environments in the game.

The game will still maintain its scrolling shooter mechanics of the original while also incorporating new elements such as online co-op. Among the technological advancements is a heavy emphases on online cooperative play, a plethora of classes and potential for crossover events with other Final Fantasy and Square Enix titles.

After having been delayed from it’s original 2016 release, King’s Knight is now aiming for release later this year.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

We also sat down with Executive Producer K Hirono and Global Version Producer Hiroki Fujimoto to talk about all of the upcoming events that players can look forward too with the global version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Since its release last year, the global version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has reached reached 13 million downloads. The Japanese version, which has over 23 million recently hit #1 for iOS.

We first discussed the upcoming 1st year anniversary Fan Festas that will be held in Paris, Taipei, New York, Busan (South Korea) and Los Angeles. When asked about the selection process for these locations, the developers explained that they looked into regions with the highest concentration of players so that they can reach as many players as possible.

With these Fan Festas, we can expect new information about about upcoming content for the global version of FFBE. They told us that the intention with these events are to promote and connect members of the community and, most importantly, have fun. Players who attend the event will receive a tee shirt, tote bag, in-game gifts and region specific items. Those not in attendance will also receive some special in-game bonuses.

Hirono-san and Fujimoto-san also told us they might do an in-game event to celebrate the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary. Speaking of which, at the event in Japan for the 30th Anniversary, they announced Cloud for the Japanese version of Brave Exvius. We asked when we might see him appear in the global version and they looked at us, smiled, and said “Soon.”

Something that we’ve been curious about for some time now was the collaboration event with Ariana Grande. We asked how that collaboration came to be. Hirono-san and Fujimoto-san explained that while FFBE was indeed a Final Fantasy game, they still felt it was missing an essential element: a theme song. When they began to discuss this, they decided that, they wanted to pick someone that would be accepted by young audiences and they ended up working with Ariana Grande.

Lastly, we talked about how player feedback is taken and incorporated into the game. Many games will see feedback about things like difficulty and battle content and make adjustments, but for Brave Exvius, they try to include more on the story side of things. While the core story is set in stone for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, it’s very possible for them to go in and, for example, add more back story about specific characters that players want to see. They’re always considering player feedback.

You can download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on iOS, Android and Amazon devices now.