16 Feb 2015

FFXI February Update Preview

In just a few short days on February 19th, Final Fantasy XI will see an update that brings in a bunch of new content and adjustments. The biggest piece of new content comes in the form of the new alluvion skirmishes in Yorcia Weald. Additionally, there are new gifts, changes to the Mog Garden and more!
13 Feb 2015

The Doll Festival – Plus February Version Update Info

Ah yes, it’s that time a year again, when we all get to fill our already cluttered mog houses with even more dolls! I’m assuming this is not just a tarutaru thing. The Doll Festival is set to begin once again at 12:00 a.m. (PST) on Thursday, February 19 and conclude on Thursday, March 5 at
8 Dec 2014

FFXI News Roundup for the week of December 1st

Version Update Last week, the dev team revealed what is in store for the December version update, set to take place on Tuesday/Wednesday the 9th/10th. Some of the highlights include new Adoulin quests, small bonuses received from monster rearing (similar to mog enhancement), a new job points system known as “gifts”, and the long awaited
5 Nov 2014

11/11 Celebration Campaigns

It’s that special time of year that kicks off the holiday season into full swing, that’s right, 11/11 the celebration of mandragoras! – Sunshine Seekers This special event is a wonderful treat for those remembering the story of Babban Ny Mheillea! – Adventurer Appreciate Campaign All characters subscribed during the period of eligibility will receive
27 Oct 2014

New System, Unity Concord set for November Update

Square Enix announced on the PlayOnline website a new system called Unity Concord, which is set to be introduced in the November version update. This new system adds NPC-led factions and is related to records of eminence. Each faction will get it’s own chat channel, have specific objectives, and rewards. Read on for all the
24 Oct 2014

Seekers of Adoulin to Conclude in November

Square-Enix has just revealed that the conclusion of the storyline missions for Seekers of Adoulin will take place in the November version update. Not much is known at this time, but some additional adjustments including the ability to hire an NPC to distribute linkpearls, more job adjustments and monster rearing are planned as well. Will
4 Oct 2014

October Update Incoming!

The October version update will hit early this month. Some of announced features include: New High-tier battlefields against avatars Quality of life adjustments including some mog garden enhancements, more icons on maps and more storable skirmish items. Job Adjustment some of which feature a new summoner spell, Atomos, combat skill boosts, Ninja’s new shuriken trait,  and a new
3 Sep 2014

Details on the September Version Update Emerge

The next version update is scheduled for a Tuesday, September 9th (JST) release. Final Fantasy XI Director, Akihiko Matsui posted an outline of all of the content that will be included in the update, as well as the content originally scheduled for it that will be slightly postponed. The two major highlights include Incursion, an instanced
24 Aug 2014

September Version Update and Double Capacity Point Campaign Announced

  The Double Capacity Point Campaign is back by popular demand! Grab those job points during the following times: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 11:00 p.m. (PDT) to Friday, September 5 at the same hour. Join the stampede with Incursion, new battle content pitting the fittest adventurers against hordes of Velkk, and Walk of Echoes
5 Aug 2014

Promotional Video for August Version Update

Today Square-Enix published a promotional video highlighting what’s in store for the upcoming version update!  
27 Jul 2014

August Version Update Details | New Campaign

This week Square Enix revealed some more details around the August update. The Long Awaited Equipment Sets System Players will be able to set (initially) up to 20 full gearsets using a similar interface to the equipment menu. These sets can then be macro’d with a single line making it possible to change all 16
19 Jul 2014

August Version Update Info Announced & New Skirmish Campaign

Get your hard hats on, for the next version update is scheduled to slam into Vana’diel in Mid-August! This hard hitter features the next exciting chapter in the Seekers of Adoulin main scenario; fresh-off-the-grill alluvion skirmishes; a further foray into the Serpentine Labyrinth with a new area, Ra’Kaznar Inner Court; a command to change multiple
5 Jul 2014

July Version Update Incoming!

The dev team has posted additional details regarding the July version update. More quality of life improvements, including the ability to call alter egos while under level sync, additional battlefields where trust magic can be used, and wait reductions for quests. All of that information in detail can be found here. Accompanying the update will
27 Jun 2014

July Version Update Preview

This week, the dev team has revealed details about the upcoming July version update. Some of the highlights include: Job Adjustments Red Mage will receive the much awaited Haste II, and six other spells. Three new blue magic spells will be available to learn, Corsair’s Corsair roll will affect capacity points, Stormwaker Automatons will receive
20 Jun 2014

Details on the July Version Update Already!? Including Info on Haste 2!

The next version update is scheduled for early July! Enjoy showering beasties with tender loving care and receiving rewards for your efforts, testing your might in high-tier mission battlefields featuring the return of the Shadow Lord and other well-known entities, and experiencing a bevy of additional content. Job adjustments will also make a splash, including an
18 Jun 2014

The June Version Update is Freed from its Shackles!

Adventurers’ boundaries have never been broader than with the implementation of the June version update! Myriad existing weapon skills are now more potent, while merit point category caps have been raised to spectacular summits. On top of that, newfound powers course through the veins of tanks with the addition of spells created especially for them.
13 Jun 2014

Details on the Upcoming Version Update!

The FFXI team has a lot planned for this Tuesday’s update. Almost every weaponskill will be revamped, especially the older ones. Damage modifiers updated, TP bonuses, and overall TP accumulation will all be changed! Paladin, Rune Fencer and Ninja will be gaining new enmity boosting spells to compensate for the increased attacker gains. Arcane glyphs
6 Jun 2014

12th Login Campaign and More June Version Update Details Surface!

The twelfth repeat login campaign is scheduled for Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. (PDT) to Wednesday, July 2 at 7:00 a.m, and for the first time, a new alter ego cipher: Domina, to summon Domina Shantotto, will be made available. Read on for all the details. Additional quality of life adjustments will be made in the upcoming
4 Jun 2014

Mog Garden Rank Up, and New Records of Eminence Objectives

In the June version update, the mog garden rank cap will increased. New records of eminence objectives will also be added. A new type of objective–daily objectives–will be introduced. Tutorialesque synthesis-related objectives will be introduced, including speaking with guildmasters and synthesizing particular items a requisite number of times. Fishing-related objectives will be introduced for reeling in
31 May 2014

Mid-June Version Update Details Emerge!

Rounding out the last week in May, the dev team has published details regarding the upcoming version update, set for mid-June. Alter Ego and Fellow Adjustments Alter Egos will now be summonable in parties (but not alliances), and multiple instances of the same alter ego will not be allowed. Adventuring fellows will also be venturing to