FFXI News Roundup for the week of December 1st


Version Update

Last week, the dev team revealed what is in store for the December version update, set to take place on Tuesday/Wednesday the 9th/10th.

Some of the highlights include new Adoulin quests, small bonuses received from monster rearing (similar to mog enhancement), a new job points system known as “gifts”, and the long awaited user interface enhancement to separate chat log windows!

For all the details, read on.

December Login Campaign

The December login campaign will start the same day as the version update, and feature two new items, trust Cipher: Rughadjeen and a special Cait Sith cap.

For the full list of items, read on.

Version Update Survey Results

The results are in for the June/July version update here.

Capacity Point and Synth Campaign

The double capacity point and synth skill-up campaign returns at the same time as the version update as well!