August Version Update Details | New Campaign


This week Square Enix revealed some more details around the August update.

The Long Awaited Equipment Sets System

Players will be able to set (initially) up to 20 full gearsets using a similar interface to the equipment menu. These sets can then be macro’d with a single line making it possible to change all 16 pieces out multiple times in one macro, making it ideal for weaponskills, job abilities and spells!

Alluvion Skirmishes

New skirmishes will be added to the already existing zones, called Alluvion. These are focused on item level 119 weapons, and like other skirmish gear, can be augmented.

Double Capacity Point and Skirmish Segment Campaign

A special campaign will take place on July 31st, bringing back double capacity point gain. This time simulacara segment drops will also be doubled.

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  1. man, it’s amazing that they’re still doing content updates for this game lol

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