July Version Update Preview


This week, the dev team has revealed details about the upcoming July version update. Some of the highlights include:

Job Adjustments
Red Mage will receive the much awaited Haste II, and six other spells. Three new blue magic spells will be available to learn, Corsair’s Corsair roll will affect capacity points, Stormwaker Automatons will receive Haste II with enough skill, and Geomancer will receive Geo and Indi Haste.

New Higher Tier Battlefields
The Shadow Lord! Head Wind (the shikaree battle) will be introduced as high-tier versions with similar rewards to previous higher tier battles.

Monster Rearing
Mog gardens will receive an update that allows adventurers to raise some monsters from babies to brutes. Along the way they will be able to receive items from them, and new monsters will be made available as time goes on.

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