6 Aug 2020

Today’s Final Fantasy XI Update Includes New Story

Today, the August 2020 version update landed for Final Fantasy XI. While normally these monthly updates would add rotations to content and adjustments, this month is especially important as it sees the beginning of new story content.
3 Aug 2020

Final Fantasy XI Reveals The Voracious Resurgence

We’ve known about the upcoming new story content for Final Fantasy XI for some time now. It started off as a “new scenario“, was referenced as being “not(…) as large in scale as a mission” and more recently we learned that it would arrive in multiple installments throughout future version updates. Today, Square Enix launched
9 Jul 2020

The July Update for FFXI Arrives- Announces Timing For New Scenario

Yesterday, the July version update arrived for Final Fantasy XI. Along with this update, Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito released another Final Fantasy XI Digest video to discuss the changes with the update. This month’s update includes a new category for Odyssey, an update to Abuscade, and changes to Paladin. You can read
11 May 2020

Final Fantasy XI’s “Minimal” May Update has Arrived

Final Fantasy XI’s May version update landed today, bringing with it resets to Records of Eminence objective progress, Ambuscade hallmarks and badges of gallantry as well as fixing an issue with synthesis. A statement from Final Fantasy XI Producer Akihiko Matsui explains the small update: Dear Adventurers,Matsui here with some information on the May version
10 Mar 2020

Final Fantasy XI March 2020 Update

Today, the March update has arrived for Final Fantasy XI bringing with it the new Odyssey battle content, and the Monberaux Trust among other things. You can read up on the patch notes here and check out the Digest video above.
11 Nov 2019

Final Fantasy XI’s November Version Update has Arrived!

Final Fantasy XI’s November Version update has arrived, bringing adjustments to both Beastmaster and Scholar as well as tweaks to the appearance of certain enemies in Dynamis Divergence. Additionally, today is also the beginning for the November 2019 Login Campaign, as well as the first part of a new event “A Challenge from Lion“. Currently
10 Sep 2019

Final Fantasy XI September Version Update and a Preview of a new Avatar

The September Version Update has landed today for Final Fantasy XI and with it comes a handful of adjustments. Bards getting several adjustments this month, giving them abilities to decrease their damage taken. Foe Sirvente and Adventurer’s Dirge have been taking out of the merit point system and added into the game as scrolls. There’s
6 Aug 2019

Final Fantasy XI’s August Update is Here!

The August Version Update for Final Fantasy XI is here! It brings changes to Red Mage and Puppet Master, a new high-tier battlefield featuring Alexander, and a new sub-species of Mandragora in Ambuscade! You can read up on the update notes here.
10 May 2019

Final Fantasy XI Announces Return Home Campaign and New Video Series

To accompany the May 2019 update for Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has started a new video series, Final Fantasy XI Digest, that features Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito as they discuss that changes that are being implemented to the game with the latest version updates. In the first installment, the developers talk
10 May 2017

The May Version Update Has Landed!

The third step of the Escutcheon questline makes an appearance this month, together with some high-level synthesis recipes of an extreme difficulty level, each producing Superior 3 equipment usable with a new gift being introduced! On the battlefront, the monthly changes to Ambuscade are available, the Ark Angel TT has been added to the alter
4 May 2017

Final Fantasy XI Version Update Scheduled For May 10th

The next version update is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10. Check out all the details here.
3 May 2017

The 15th Vana’versary Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

It’s that time of year again! Final Fantasy XI launched May 16, 2002 in Japan for the PlayStation 2 and this year marks it’s 15th anniversary. While we’re sure to get even juicier items, events and bonuses once the May Version Update lands, here’s a list of campaigns that will be active during the period.
10 Feb 2016

FFXI February Update Arrives with REM Upgrades!

From playonline.com: New Wanted targets have been added, the ability to further reforge relic, mystic, empyrean, and ergon weapons has been implemented, and there have been a variety of other adjustments and quality of life improvements! Read on for the full details!
10 Dec 2015

Final Fantasy XI’s December Update Has Arrived

This month enjoy an expansion to Geas Fete, with an assortment of new notorious monsters to tackle. The remainder of the quest line to obtain aeonic weapons has been added, enabling to to wield some of the most fearsome arms to date! Those with an eye for fashion will enjoy some Unity-specific outfits, while the
10 Nov 2015

FFXI: Final Major Update Goes Live

Over the past sixteen years, many of us have wondered: if Final Fantasy XI is an MMORPG, how will it end? Starting today we can find out. The final major update for the game has been released, and if you haven’t been following along, this means that all storylines have been completed (or forever left
17 Sep 2015

FFXI’s September Version Arrives!

From PlayOnline.com: In this version update, experience two new high-tier mission battlefields: One to be Feared and Dawn. Try your hand at other new additions and adjustments to existing battle content, including new notorious monsters in Geas Fete, new Wanted battles, and adjustments to make Domain Invasion even easier to enjoy. Non-battle content includes rank
14 May 2015

The May Version Update For FFXI Has Landed!

Marquee content for this patch includes chapter one of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, a new area known as Escha – Zi’Tah, and battle content called Geas Fete. Those with more domestic leanings can enjoy a new second floor added to their Mog Houses, allowing for even more varied forms of self-expression. Other features include rank 4
26 Mar 2015

The March Version Update Has Arrived!

All aboard for the March version update! After you’ve boarded, take a seat next to the all-new Vagary battle content, empyrean armor reforging, or the various new functions added to /lockstyle! The conductor is also pleased to offer a selection of other adjustments, such as Mog Garden affinities, new Wanted objectives, the addition of Superior
23 Mar 2015

FFXI: March 26th Version Update Info

Today, Final Fantasy XI producer, Akihiko Matsui announced the details of the upcoming version update scheduled for later this week, March 26th. Some of the highlights include the new Vagary battle system, and reforging of Empyrean armor. Some other unexpected updates include: Sorting of Auction House equipment by item level Emote list UI Lockstyle command
27 Feb 2015

FFXI: March Version Update Announced

Even though the February version update has barely been out for a week, today Square-Enix revealed details about the March update which includes the addition of Vagary, all-new battle content that pits Vana’diel’s heroes against the Xol Triumvirate. Also found amongst the uncovered treasures are reforged empyrean armor and the long anticipated final implementation of the