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FFXI: Final Major Update Goes Live

10 Nov 2015


Over the past sixteen years, many of us have wondered: if Final Fantasy XI is an MMORPG, how will it end? Starting today we can find out.

The final major update for the game has been released, and if you haven’t been following along, this means that all storylines have been completed (or forever left up to artistic interpretation). In a statement to the playerbase, producer, Akihiko Matsui did reveal a bit more on what to expect from the minor updates that lie ahead:

…we will continue minor version updates through and beyond April 2016. Each month we will bring you battlefields, Record of Eminence additions, balance adjustments, and bug fixes. Vana’diel’s story does not end here, and in the near future we are planning a version update for December. We will have further updates in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for more.

His full letter can be read here.

He also formally announced plans for a commemorative Blu-ray disc titled Priceless Remembrance, which will feature many community screenshots, chronicling all of the main scenario and expansion storylines.

At Gamer Escape, we will be doing some live streaming, a special live Pet Food Beta, and very special series of articles to celebrate Final Fantasy XI’s legacy, so stay tuned throughout the weeks ahead, but for now, let’s dig into the update itself!

Some of the highlights include:

  • The addition of a new area, in the far east: Reisenjima!
  • A new quest in the “Vegetable Vegetable” series
  • A new mog garden’s quest
  • Monster rearing rank 7
  • New records of eminence objectives
  • Ability to set favorite homepoint locations
  • Fishing adjustments
  • Survival guides added to Aht Urhgan areas
  • Adjustments to Geas Fate & Sinister reign
  • Ability to call alter egos in Dynamis
  • The spell Erase will now remove songs
  • New food items including Soy Ramen
  • Auction items will now stay up for approximately 9 earth days
  • Support for XInput gamepads on Windows!
  • Hi resolution screenshots for Windows users
  • Borderless windowed mode for Windows users
  • Ability to hide visual effects for NPCs and Avatars

For the complete list as well as more details, visit the official patch notes page here.

This is a very exciting update, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts on it, and streaming it live for the Gamer Escape community.