26 May 2014

Get Ready for Summer with the Next Version Update!

The next version update for FINAL FANTASY XI is scheduled to come blazing into Vana’diel in mid-June, bringing with it improvements to various weapon skills; changes to the TP system; and a variety of improvements to synthesis, including kit recipes to make gathering ingredients easier, a convenient synthesis history list, and improvements to item stacking.
15 May 2014

A New Version Update Has Landed on the Peaks!

  This version update carries on its back chapter four of the enthralling Seekers of Adoulin mission story line; the Mog Wardrobe, a system for storing equipment; adjustments to fellows and alter egos to support your soloing activities; and a bevy of other adjustments to make enjoying Vana’diel easier than ever before! Battle-ready adventurers will
11 May 2014

Details on the Upcoming May Version Update!

  This past week, Final Fantasy XI Director, Akihiko Matsui released details about May’s major version update. Some of the highlights include: the continuation of the Seekers of Adoulin missions, new areas, increased fellow level cap, more job point categories, and the long awaited mog wardrobe storage system. Read on for the details! Edit: Also just released,
26 Apr 2014

Details on the May Version Update Emerge!

Development on the May version update is underway, here’s what we can expect to look forward to so far: Job Points and Capacity Points Adjustments Two new categories will be made available for each job, and chain bonuses will be awarded. Mog Wardrobe Storage System A new storage system will be introduced where gear will
7 Apr 2014

The Latest Version Update Has Descended Upon Vana’diel!

Increased Tarutaru HP, increased Galka MP, and other racial parameter adjustments! New high-tier mission battlefields! New job-specific weapons! Auction house sale screen adjustments! More missions for alter egos to participate in! Check out the details here.
2 Apr 2014

New Job Specific Equipment Will Be Introduced in Upcoming Version Update

In the April version update, new job-specific weapons, shields, and instruments will be introduced. Acquiring these new items. Players may ask Oboro in Port Jeuno to craft job-specific equipment for them.
28 Mar 2014

Blades Abound in the Next Version Update & Meeble Burrows Campaign Tunnels into Existence!

The next version update is scheduled to dock on Tuesday, April 8. Cargo on this ship includes new high-tier mission battlefields with Tenzen and Ouryu respectively, new job-specific equipment, racial stat adjustments such as increases in Tarutaru HP and Galka MP, and a variety of adjustments to make adventuring in Vana’diel more convenient than ever.
16 Mar 2014

Veil Lifted on the Latest Version Update!

Explore the new Job Point advancement system, additional alter egos, fresh Delve content, the long-awaited Cait Sith summon, and a veritable bonanza of other content in the latest version update!Other changes include a full revamp of the fishing system...
18 Feb 2014

The latest version update has made landfall!

A veritable armada of updates have reached the shores of Adoulin, including a new area and its accompanying skirmishes, exciting new Adoulin missions, relic reforging, new geomancer and rune fencer equipment, delve adjustments, new alter egos, new rune...
14 Feb 2014

Upcoming Version Update Announcement

The next version update is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th. Preview what’s to come in the version update here. Get a glimpse of what’s to come in the February version update by checking out the trailer here.
19 Jan 2014

The January Version Update Storms In!

The Zilartian duo of Kam’lanaut and Eald’narche have the Stellar Fulcrum and Celestial Nexus swirling once again with the winds of opposition! Can any adventurers best them in battle? Only time will tell. The lone wolves among Vana’diel’s adventuring populace can also lose themselves in a tempest of new Records of Eminence objectives, those partial
9 Jan 2014

All Aboard the Version Update Airship!

Pack your lunches and have your tickets at the ready, for the version update airship is set to depart the docks on Tuesday, January 21!<br><br>The cargo aboard includes more high-tier mission battles, sparkling new Records of Eminence objectives, and more convenient ways to utilize your pets!<br><br>Last but not least, our pilot for this journey will be a certain man straight from Zilart!<br><br>Full steam ahead!
4 Nov 2013

Today, Altana has blessed us with the latest version update!

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited updates to relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons as well as artifact armor! We have also added the ability to unlock weapon skills previous only useable with certain empyrean weapons; new special abilities; new Seekers of Adoulin missions and areas; new monsters, including a ferocious Naakual; higher tier versions
5 Aug 2013

The August Version Update Makes a Monstrous Appearance!

The August version update adds even more to the Seekers of Adoulin storyline, and, at long last, rune fencers and geomancers will be able to obtain their artifact equipment. Adventurers can now free their souls from its mortal trappings, and assume a n...
25 Jul 2013

An Announcement Regarding the Next Version Update

In the version update scheduled for August 6 2013, we will be adding new Seekers of Adoulin missions, introducing the brand-new Monstrosity system, and, at long last, rune fencers and geomancers will be able to obtain their artifact equipment. Additionally, we will be making various adjustments to stats for equipment with item levels, colonization and lair reives, and much more.<br><br>Previously, we announced that the August version update would include new skirmishes and that additional adjustments would be made to certain coalition assignments so that bonuses would be granted depending on the distance to the objective. However, these elements will be introduced in an additional version update once they have undergone further testing.<br><br>The additional version update will be implemented in late August.<br><br>An announcement will be made regarding the details for the additional version update at a later time. We apologize for the delay and will continue to work hard so this content meets its new release date.
8 Jul 2013

The July Version Update Has Blown into Adoulin!

The July version update ushers in another chapter in Seekers of Adoulin upon its light breezes, along with the Mog Garden system and access to the Celennia Memorial Library. Adventurers raring to mash their maces into fresh flesh and wave their wands at weighty foes can enjoy their encounters with two new Naakuals, and those
27 Jun 2013

The Summer of the Version Updates

This most sweltering of seasons is the time of wishing upon stars, listening to the crooning of songstresses supreme, and—this year—two version updates descending upon Vana'diel in close succession; one on July 9 and the other in early August.

Read on for the details on these alluring additions.
10 Apr 2013

Next version update rarin’ to saddle up!

The next version update is scheulded to come a-ridin' into town at the end of April, hot on the heels of last month's update!<br><br>The update will wrangle together further enmity adjustments, reive adjustments, attribute corrections and adjustments associated with weapons skills learned through merit points, cap increases for magic skills, and a bevy of job-related adjustments.<br><br>Also coming in guns a-blazin' is all-new battle content which takes aim at players who have completed existing Wildskeeper Reive and Skirmish content.
15 Mar 2013

Information On Elements Being Implimented In FINAL FANTASY XI’s Upcoming Update

Akihiko Matsui has posted information on what players of FINAL FANTASY XI can expect when the next version update arrives on March 27th to prepare players for the new Seekers of Adoulin expansion. Many of the changes that will be coming have been in the works for quite some time such as adjustments to enmity,
13 Mar 2013

Next version update to blink in to a Vana’diel near you!

Adventurers, We hope you are as excited as your moogle compatriots for the next version update, scheduled to come warping in on Wednesday, March 27. This update will see the sun rising on Seekers of Adoulin, bringing with it a veritable cornucopia of r...