The January Version Update Storms In!

The Zilartian duo of Kam’lanaut and Eald’narche have the Stellar Fulcrum and Celestial Nexus swirling once again with the winds of opposition! Can any adventurers best them in battle? Only time will tell.

The lone wolves among Vana’diel’s adventuring populace can also lose themselves in a tempest of new Records of Eminence objectives, those partial to their familiars will be glad to know that their best friends are more able than ever to kick up dust against the forces of evil, and reive volunteers will enjoy hearing how much more effective their efforts have become!

That is hardly the extent of this update, however!
Read on for all the stormy details.

Lastly, the next version update is scheduled to tear through the land in the middle of February. More information is forthcoming about this squall of improvements, so check back periodically to be blown away!