The July Version Update Has Blown into Adoulin!

The July version update ushers in another chapter in Seekers of Adoulin upon its light breezes, along with the Mog Garden system and access to the Celennia Memorial Library. Adventurers raring to mash their maces into fresh flesh and wave their wands at weighty foes can enjoy their encounters with two new Naakuals, and those who pine for frontiers of a more internal sort can undertake the geomancer and rune fencer limit break quests. For the more mathematically inclined, item levels have been added to the help text for certain pieces of equipment!

With the progress of the colonization movement, pioneers may also venture further into the Ulbukan jungle than ever before and participate in new reives, which have undergone adjustments that support solo players and small parties. Elemental magic and job adjustments round out the major features of this update, but there’s more as well!

Read on for details!

2 thoughts on “The July Version Update Has Blown into Adoulin!

  1. It’s interesting but with so much to do and look forward to, players will be so over-whelmed in FFxi so they just want to skip some of the old content from level1~99.
    The golden days of Vanadiel are forgotten…

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