Information On Elements Being Implimented In FINAL FANTASY XI’s Upcoming Update

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Akihiko Matsui has posted information on what players of FINAL FANTASY XI can expect when the next version update arrives on March 27th to prepare players for the new Seekers of Adoulin expansion.

Many of the changes that will be coming have been in the works for quite some time such as adjustments to enmity, attack/defense ratio adjustments expansion of /yell and other adjustments to make content easier on players.

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Matsui here.

I’ve been quite busy preparing for the release of Seekers of Adoulin and I’m sorry that my posting frequency has gone down a bit.

I’d like to make a separate post in regards to content related to Seekers of Adoulin, but I’ve been writing and erasing text, so for now I’d like to inform you all about the adjustments mentioned previously that will be implemented in the March 27th Version Update.

  • Enmity Adjustments
    In regards to enmity, we will be performing the first stage of the content that was discussed previously. To start out, we will be making adjustments so that if the target is level 51 or above, the enmity generated in proportion to the damage dealt, and the enmity incurred in relation to the amount of HP cured, will be reduced. In the case that the target is above level 99, the amount of enmity generated will be reduced to 30% compared to before adjustment (the current level). We are also making adjustments at the same time so that the enmity gains from Cure V are reduced.While this isn’t limited to enmity adjustments, we understand this is an element that we need to continuously follow and address, and I wanted to remind you that this would be the first step.
  • Attack/Defense Ratio Adjustments
    This is in regards to the post I made previously about future battle system adjustments.
    We will be making adjustments based on the content described under the “Regarding Defense” header. After the adjustment, in the case that a player’s defense is significantly lower compared to a monster’s attack power, the amount of damage received will be higher than what it is currently.Example:For the below values:
    Monster attack damage value = 100
    Monster attack power = 1000
    Your defense = 250The damage received will be as follows:
    Pre-adjustment amount of damage received = 200
    Post-adjustment amount of damage received = 400
    *This is just a simple calculation to make it easy to illustrate the change.To go along with the above, the below two adjustments will also be made:

    • The maximum value for damage dealt from the attack defense ratio will be adjusted so they are identical for both single-handed weapons and two-handed weapons.
    • The defense reduction penalty for “Counterstance” will be reduced.
  • Embrava and Perfect Defense Adjustments
    This is regarding Embrava and Perfect Defense adjustments that were described previously.
    There have been no changes made to the aspects outlined previously, but I’d like to go over the adjustments once again. Along with these changes we will be making adjustments to various battle content, so I will be going over each of the adjustments planned breaking it down by content.

    • Embrava
      Before After
      Effect Duration 5 min 90 sec
      Haste +1% per 15 enhancing magic skill +1% per 20 enhancing magic skill
      Regain Regain Refresh
    • Perfect Defense
      Before After
      Effect Duration 90 sec 30 sec (+1 sec per 20 summoning magic skill)

For adjustments related to various battle content, we will be performing the adjustments outlined in my previous post and the follow-up made by Camate.

  • Adjustments to Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey
    Adjustments will be made to the levels of monsters.

    Floor Level
    Floors 1-19 Reduced by 10 levels
    Floors 20-39 Reduced by 7 levels
    Floors 40-59 Reduced by 4 levels
    Floors 60-79 Reduced by 2 levels
    Floors 80-100 No change

    *These changes will also be applied to notorious monsters.
    Adjustments will be made to the stats of a portion of notorious monsters that only spawn in Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey. We will be making adjustments so that damage dealt will be higher than the current values when utilizing a mode of attack that exploits a monster’s weakness, such as blunt attacks, piercing attacks, magic attacks, etc.

  • Adjustments to Legion
    Special characteristics will be attributed to the monsters that spawn.
    In addition to the reduction of stats such as HP, attack power, and defense, we will also be setting special monster weaknesses. While some monsters stats will see increases at the same time as the reductions, it will be possible to defeat them much easier than before the adjustment when attacking their weakness.
  • Adjustments to Einherjar
    Stats such as HP, attack power, and defense for Odin will be reduced for Odin’s Chamber II.
  • Adjustments to Voidwatch
    The range of use for Void clusters will be expanded to Provenance.
  • Adjustments to Walk of Echoes
    Monster levels will be reduced, the “EX” status will be removed from each type of coin and sack, and sacks will be added that dispense multiple Devious Die and Liminal Residue.
  • Adjustments to Salvage
    The drop rates for level 35 equipment will be revamped, and changes will be made so that monsters other than the NMs that spawn from ramparts in Bhaflau Remnants drop the same equipment.
  • Adjustments to Twilight Scythe
    As was mentioned in a previous post, we will be changing the weapon so that the regular attacks are slashing damage and by using an enchantment they can become non-elemental.The enchantment can be used 10 seconds after equipping the weapon and will be set as below:
    Effect duration: 60 seconds
    Recast time: 10 minutes
    Charges: Unlimited

Finally, here are some other adjustments that will be made.

  • Expansion of the /yell Feature
    As outlined by Camate, we will be expanding the range of /yell in the below manner; however, the addition of this feature to the Chocobo Circuit will not take place at this time until other features have been added to that area:Ru’Lude Gardens / Upper Jeuno / Lower Jeuno / Port Jeuno

    Ru’Lude Gardens / Upper Jeuno / Lower Jeuno / Port Jeuno / Aht Urhgan Whitegate / East Adoulin / West Adoulin
  • Changes to Mog Tablet Rewards
    As was mentioned by Camate, we will be keeping the Nomad Moogle statute and Talaria as prizes, but will be switching out other rewards. To keep it a surprise, we won’t reveal which rewards have been switched, but keep in mind it’s still a bonus type of item.
  • Auto-translate
    Since it would not be possible to add new terms related to Seekers of Adoulin without deleting words that are not used frequently, we will be eliminated words to add new ones. Moving forward we plan to switch out words in the dictionary as well.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I will be doing my best to make a post next week about the addition of Seekers of Adoulin content.

Also, we’ve been working extremely hard on other adjustments besides the ones described above, and once we are at the stage where we can share information I will be sure to make a post on the forums.

Thank you all very much.