Mid-June Version Update Details Emerge!


Rounding out the last week in May, the dev team has published details regarding the upcoming version update, set for mid-June.

Alter Ego and Fellow Adjustments

Alter Egos will now be summonable in parties (but not alliances), and multiple instances of the same alter ego will not be allowed. Adventuring fellows will also be venturing to the Ulbukua continent. For all the details, read on here.

Reive Adjustments

Lair rieves will have shorter respawn times, and lairs deeper within zones will contain richer spoils. Colonization rieves will have obstacle HP reduced, and defense lowered, and new rewards will be periodically introduced. For all the details read on here.

Easing of Mission and Quest Restrictions

Entry requirements for Seekers of Adoulin will be reduced from 3 to 1 person. Alter egos will now be allowed here as well. More details available here.

Ergon WS Quests

The ergon weapon WS’s for Geomancer and Rune Fencer will be added, and new quests made available. For NPC locations, read on here.

Merit Point Category Expansion

New merit point categories will be added to increase caps on other categories. For the technical details, read on here.