Details on the July Version Update Already!? Including Info on Haste 2!


The next version update is scheduled for early July!

Enjoy showering beasties with tender loving care and receiving rewards for your efforts, testing your might in high-tier mission battlefields featuring the return of the Shadow Lord and other well-known entities, and experiencing a bevy of additional content.

Job adjustments will also make a splash, including an arsenal of new spells for red mages, such as Haste II; increased buffing capabilities for geomancers with Indi-haste and Geo-haste spells; and a plethora of new blue magic spells for you to learn and drown your foes with!

What’s more, the synthesis UI is scheduled to be upgraded with a new feature that displays a list of previously undertaken syntheses, expanding your crafting horizons far across the open sea!

All this and more, floating down the river in just a few short weeks!