The June Version Update is Freed from its Shackles!

18 Jun 2014


Adventurers’ boundaries have never been broader than with the implementation of the June version update! Myriad existing weapon skills are now more potent, while merit point category caps have been raised to spectacular summits. On top of that, newfound powers course through the veins of tanks with the addition of spells created especially for them. With the ability of alter egos to join parties, everyone will also be able to take on more challenging trials. Furthermore, skirmishes and battlefields are now more easily accessible than ever before, and have received a few fighter-freeing adjustments of their own. Also, pioneers can unlock new treasures from wildskeeper reives and may now enhance equipment previously procured from them. Praise be to Altana!

Players no longer need to be tied down to traditional synthesis conventions, thanks to synthesis kits and newly stackable materials. Mog Gardens may also be upgraded to rank seven, meaning they can reach new crests of convenience. Even the UI has undergone adjustments, including the option to display party members’ TP, among other enhancements. With all that this version update has to offer, how can adventurers not feel at least a little more liberated?

Read on for all the restriction-rejecting details.