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24 Jun 2012

SE Hopes To Launch New UI With Next Expansion

Shown during the last Dev Panel of VanaFest 2012 was the new User Interface that Square Enix has said they were working on. The UI features moveable windows, and the ability to have multiple windows open at one time. It will take some time for them to complete the new interface, but Producer Hiromichi Tanaka
5 Apr 2012

Preview Of Icons For UI Revamp

Today on the forums, Camate relayed a message from Hiromichi Tanaka which showcases some of the new icons that we can expect to see when the user interface overhaul is complete. DevHiromichi Tanaka For the new UI that is currently in development for the Windows version, we will be enhancing the resolution and revamping icons
29 Nov 2011

FFXI UI To Get Completely Revamped

Last week, an update went live on the Test Server that allowed players to change the width and line height of the chat log. Since then, players have been asking about other changes that may come about as a result of this latest adjustment to the user interface. Hiromichi Tanaka has replied on the forums
17 Nov 2011

More UI Adjustments Coming To FFXI!

Wider macro panels won’t be the only UI adjustment coming in the near future for Final Fantasy XI. A recent post by Hiromichi Tanaka on the official forums has revealed that changes to the chat log are also in the works and landing on the test server next week! We’ve implemented the new macro palette
19 Sep 2011

Dev Tracker For The Week Of 9/16/11

It’s been a while since our last dev tracking, in part because the official Lodestone topic posts have kept up with the news from the Devs.  Last week, however, Yoshida made a number of posts about the upcoming  1.19 and 1.20 patches, and while the information will almost certainly appear on Lodestone soon, for those
12 Sep 2011

UI Adjustments

A new thread has been started in the Updates section of the official forums. The title of the thread is as follows: [dev1135] UI Adjustments Proceed to the thread.
6 Jul 2011

Battle Reform: Enmity

Patch 1.18 is scheduled to usher in large-scale changes to enmity calculation, which will be accompanied by the introduction of a new UI element displaying enemy enmity. Read up on all the particulars.
28 Nov 2010

Organizing the User Interface

With the recent November update, the UI received some nice adjustments. Among them are increased response time, the inclusion of a skill and experience points bar, the ability to add a second chat window and a number of other changes that make the interface feel better overall. One of the changes that we’ll highlight with
14 Nov 2010
0 Email Interview with Square Enix

After Square Enix posted a general outline of some of the things they hoped to include in the November and December updates, fans wrote into Japanese gaming site 4Gamer with their opinions.  Namely, why weren’t some of these issues fixed before the game was officially released?  4Gamer decided to see if Square Enix would give
20 Jun 2010

Dengeki and Tanaka at E3

E3 is now behind us.  FFXIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi is back in Japan, working on the latest version update for FFXI and the FFXIV beta.  However, that doesn’t mean we are through looking at all the exciting information to come out of the event! Expect a number of articles to pop up on Eorzeapedia this
16 Jun 2010

A Look At The Beta User Interface

We had quite a lot of into on the site yesterday from E3 and no doubt we have lots of new information to put up today as well! Let’s take a look at some new screen shots showing Final Fantasy XIV in its beta form. Looking pretty good isn’t it? Lets take a closer look
17 Apr 2010

Famitsu and 4Gamer take another look at alpha build

Over the past few days Famitsu and 4Gamer released new looks at the alpha build – and since both are still there, we’ll take a look at what they discussed.  Together the articles looked at the user interface, menu items, emotes,  trading and the leveling system.  Since they overlap in a of areas we’ll look
12 Mar 2010

User Interface Gets A Makeover

After some screen shots were released from the playable Guildleve build at Gamescom, we  jumped in and gave them an in depth analysis and even went as far as re-creating the image in English! With the release of a new image showing off the upgraded user interface, we figured it was time to do it
11 Mar 2010

A Glimpse of the new Trailer and a Familiar Face

A couple weeks ago at VanaFest, attendees were lucky enough to get a showing of the latest CG video that was teased in screen shots with the last Final Fantasy XIV site update. 4Gamer has posted several images from the trailer on their website. We also have our first look at what appears to be
24 Aug 2009

A Closer Look At The Alpha User Interface

Last week during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany we got our very first look at Final Fantasy XIV as Square Enix revealed a playable version of the game’s alpha build. During the event, several images were released showing off the new user interface. We’ve gone ahead and translated the images so that those of you who