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A Look At The Beta User Interface

16 Jun 2010

We had quite a lot of into on the site yesterday from E3 and no doubt we have lots of new information to put up today as well! Let’s take a look at some new screen shots showing Final Fantasy XIV in its beta form.

Looking pretty good isn’t it? Lets take a closer look at some of the UI elements in the beta.

Well this is a nice change don’t you think? The action bar has seen a nice update. Besides the visual tweaks over the alpha build, we can see TP cost for abilities listed under the actions. We can also see on the currently selected “Red Lotus II” that right above the action icon is a timer. This lets us know how much longer we have before that ability can be used again. We can also see that HP, MP, and TP have been moved to right below the action bar.

The next big change is seen with how players now use their actions while attacking an enemy. Instead of charging up attacks like in the alpha, players now have a stamina gauge that replenishes on its own. When an ability is used, the stamina bar decreases.

You can read more on the new battle system changes here.



Here we can see the guild leve information that will be displayed while players are participating in a leve. You can see the image of the leve on the left. Also listed is a summary of the objectives, and then a short list showing the leve targets at the bottom.



Another new change comes with the main menu. Now the menu takes up a section on the right side of the screen instead of appearing as a small window next to the action bar. Something else new here is “Retainer List” We’ll see if we can take a look at this when we get a chance to play the build available at E3.

Next up we can see some character information that pops up in the corner of the screen. We can see the character name, race, clan, as well as birthday and deity. All of this on top of  the starting city-state’s emblem.

On the right side we can see the characters discipline rank, as well as their physical level. The bars show the progress being made towards the next level.

Next up we have the action menu. This is where players outfit the action bar with commands such as “Red Lotus II” and a plethora of others as you can see. There are three lines of commands that can be set up, each line housing ten actions. You can also see areas to equip traits and synthesis actions below the area for battle actions.

Each action has an action cost value. This particular player has a limit of 52 possible action points. The other areas have limits as well, but are separate from the battle category.

This is a screen that shows up upon completion of a guild leve.

We can see the rewards that were earned, including gil, items (in this case a Hempen Gown) etc. Something else here is the Faction Bonus. The player earns 5 faction credits when completing this particular leve. We can also see the faction in question is the Brotherhood of the Broken Blade. We have no idea what this could be at the moment but rest assured we’ll find out soon enough.