Preview Of Icons For UI Revamp

Today on the forums, Camate relayed a message from Hiromichi Tanaka which showcases some of the new icons that we can expect to see when the user interface overhaul is complete.

Hiromichi Tanaka's Avatar Dev
Hiromichi Tanaka

For the new UI that is currently in development for the Windows version, we will be enhancing the resolution and revamping icons for enhancements, abilities, magic, and other items. These new icons require resident memory, so unfortunately due to their being a lack of this for the PS2/360 we will not be able to implement the same icons for these versions of the game; however, we are planning to switch out the enhancement icons to be the same as the Windows version.

Below is an example of Regen and Refresh:

Name:  regen-reflesh.jpg Views: 2 Size:  33.6 KB

And here are the two-hour abilities for each job:

Click image for larger version  Name:	SPabi.jpg Views:	18 Size:	79.3 KB ID:	1842

Can you tell which is which? These designs are still under-development.

We will be changing the graphics for other spells and abilities as much as we can. One of the objectives for this is to display the icons in the macro palette to make them clickable, as was requested in the past.

Also, in regards to the PC requirements to be able to easily play the updated Windows version, we expect it to be a bit higher than the requirements from ten years ago. However, I believe that recent PCs are at more than suitable level.

Once all the details are finalized I will let you know.