More UI Adjustments Coming To FFXI!

Wider macro panels won’t be the only UI adjustment coming in the near future for Final Fantasy XI. A recent post by Hiromichi Tanaka on the official forums has revealed that changes to the chat log are also in the works and landing on the test server next week!

We’ve implemented the new macro palette onto the dev. server!

Click image for larger version  Name:	newmacro2.jpg Views:	126 Size:	97.3 KB ID:	984

You can now enter up to 8 characters into the macro title box. We were unable to increase the max number of characters you can input in the macro editing menu. However, the title you input will be fully displayed now. If you are using a 1024x resolution or higher with the Windows version or using the HD mode for Xbox 360, these changes to the macro palette will be automatically switch over. If you are using a lower resolution, SD mode, or a PlayStation 2, the size of the macro palette will remain the original size. We weren’t able to launch this onto the Test Server this week, but we will be implementing it sometime next week. I hope you’re all looking forward to it!

Oh…did you notice the chat widget?
The developers have secretly been working on a new chat widget for Windows and Xbox 360 that will allow you to adjust the number of lines and width of the box. This will also be implemented onto the test server next week, so please try it out!