A Glimpse of the new Trailer and a Familiar Face

A couple weeks ago at VanaFest, attendees were lucky enough to get a showing of the latest CG video that was teased in screen shots with the last Final Fantasy XIV site update. 4Gamer has posted several images from the trailer on their website.

We also have our first look at what appears to be the latest build for Final Fantasy XIV complete with a newly modified UI.

  • In the image we can see that the player is using a surname “Destiny Katayama”.
  • In the top right corner we can see her position on the map as well as the location of nearby targets.
  • We can also see that another Final Fantasy XI monster, the Peiste will be making an appearance in Eorzea.

We’re sure to see an update to the official FFXIV site in the next day or so with the new information coming out of magazines such as Famitsu and Dengeki. We’ll have more information about the findings from those sources soon so keep an eye out for them!

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