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User Interface Gets A Makeover

12 Mar 2010

After some screen shots were released from the playable Guildleve build at Gamescom, we  jumped in and gave them an in depth analysis and even went as far as re-creating the image in English! With the release of a new image showing off the upgraded user interface, we figured it was time to do it again! Lets see what changes are in store for us!

click to view larger image

As you can see, the first big change is that there seems to be a new style applied to the user interface, giving it a much cleaner look and making it easier to read. We’ll be using the numbers in the image as we discuss the certain areas of the user interface.

1. Chat Log

Not a whole lot has changed with the chat log. Instead of the chat filters being included inside the box at the top, they have now been turned into tabs. In this image we can see General and Combat. Chances are we’ll also be seeing Group and Linkshell at some point. Looking at the way other MMOs handle their chat, its possible that we’ll be given the opportunity to create a custom tab filled only with the text we tell it we want to see. We can see from our translation that Destiny evades an attack by the Ajattara. When she tries to use her Earth Render move on the Peiste though, the creature is too far away from her, so the move isn’t executed.  The last line looks to be just a regular attack.
Special thanks to Corinth for the translation!

2. Map

This is nice to see! An on screen map has been added to the interface to aid adventurers. Not only can we see the area around us, but we can also see the surrounding enemies (red dots) as well as what is probably an NPC of some sort (green dot). I’m sure that party members will be added to the mini-map as well if you’re in a group (probably blue dots).

3. Action Bar and Target HP

Interesting to note here that there is only one action bar. More than likely due to the fact that there aren’t actions available for both right and left hands. We can see Destiny is getting ready to use Earth Render (an earth based Pugilist ability that allows a distanced attack. It can not be used on enemies in the air) on the Peiste she’s fighting.

4. Send and Receive

Players of Final Fantasy XI will recognize this new addition to the UI. Seeing yourself  “R zeroing” will also be possible in Final Fantasy XIV.

5. Action Bar

The Action Bar has been simplified a bit more. Instead of seeing the name of abilities under each icon, we just have the icon representation of the ability. While we can’t say for sure, our guess is that the ability name will appear above the icon when it is hovered over or selected.

6. TP Bar

The TP bar has been removed from the HP and MP group and is now spread across the bottom of the screen. It seems that TP will play a larger role in Eorzea than it did in Vana’diel. The bar in the image has 72 TP and as you can see, has a long way to go before it fills up.

7. Misc Icons

Here we can see what are probably icons to open up things such as your inventory, main menu, and possibly a friend list or message window of sorts.

8. HP and MP

The HP and MP bars have been styled a little more and are now a lot easier on the eyes.

That’s it for now! The game will be entering its beta phase soon so for the lucky few who are able to participate, this is probably what you’ll be seeing. However, keep in mind that there’s always a chance they could polish up the user interface even more before the game launches!