12 Oct 2012

The 10th Anniversary Celebration Continues on Twitter!

In case you missed out on the 10th anniversary celebratory concert held in Berkeley, CA a couple of weeks ago -- have no fear! There is still a chance to get involved in the festivities for celebrating a decade long of adventuring. Follow FINAL FANTASY...
12 Oct 2012

Bard Job Adjustments And Salvage Expansion

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums: [dev1138] Bard Job AdjustmentsProceed to the thread.
11 Oct 2012

Behind the Bats

Trick or Treat!!Citizens throughout the three nations are once again donning their most terrifying garb, swarming the streets, and hungrily awaiting the arrival of adventurers from across the realm. Even the exorcists from far to the west are doing the...
27 Sep 2012

Announcing the Mog House Decoration Contest Winners!

After gathering up all of the entries and sending them to the Mog House Management Union, the moogles held a meeting full of intense debate! Needless to say, the moogles were extremely impressed by all of the hard work that went into each submission. O...
24 Sep 2012

The September Version Update Breaches the Surface!

The September version update has gone live, offering the chance for intrepid adventurers to descend into the depths of discovery with Meeble Burrows—the new subterranean battle content—along with a treasure trove of adjustments and refineme...
14 Sep 2012

Salvage Battlefield Expansion

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums: [dev1137] Salvage Battlefield ExpansionProceed to the thread.
13 Sep 2012

Massive Meeting Moves Moogles to Mambo!

Cloppin' along and down, down on the range, the MHMU once again steadfastly supports the fan-favored festivals of late summer.This year, we have strived to set up a kupo-tacular barbeque bonanza for weary wanderers to kick back and insatiably ingest gr...
11 Sep 2012

September Version Update Ready to Migrate Aboveground

This update has a hefty load on its shoulders, with Meeble Burrows--the brand-new subterranean battle content--as well as battle- and system-related adjustments tucked tightly into its knapsack. Prepare for your own trek by reading up on some of the in...
10 Sep 2012

Announcing the Mog House Decoration Contest!

It's been a hot summer and the moogles have been putting their heart and soul into caring for players' Mog Houses despite this Ifrit's Cauldron-like heat. So why not do something a bit special for them and spruce up your Mog House to keep it cool durin...
25 Jul 2012

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor graces the Sunbreeze Festival with her presence once more!

My lovelies, how's life been treating you since we last met? Mumor is back to take the stage again. You can imagine that SSS preparations have been keeping her on her feet of late.After last year's fiasco where Mumor ended up missing her curtain call, ...
23 Jul 2012

July patch deployed!

This version contains a variety of eye-popping content, ranging including the addition of a new enfeebling magic resistance system, shortening of command input times after ranged and melee attacks, fishing adjustments, battle/system related adjustments...
17 Jul 2012

Announcing the Heroines’ Holdfast Test Server Play Event!

Ever wanted to battle it out with FINAL FANTASY XI's most beloved heroines? Lion, Prishe, Lillisette, Aphmau and another surprise heroine await you within the "Heroines' Holdfast"! Come join the Community Team on the Test Server on July 20th and 27th a...
13 Jul 2012

Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest – All Entries Revealed!

We're sure you've been waiting with bated breath to see the rest of the marvelous works of art our talented fans submitted to us for the Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest. Now you can view them in all their resplendent glory!Even just a cursory glance ...
6 Jul 2012

Test Server Update

The following new threads have been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1131] Legion Adjustments[dev1132] Assault Adjustment[dev1133] Einherjar Adjustment
6 Jul 2012

Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest Winners and Video Contest Entries Now on Display!

A huge thanks to VanaFest 2012-goers who, with their discerning eyes and impeccable tastes, have helped us select twenty-five victorious masterpieces for the Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest!Feast your eyes upon these wonders of art from all corners o...
5 Jul 2012

The VanaFest Golden Gobbiebag Giveaway Has Begun!

The sneaky and stealthy goblins were able to infiltrate the FINAL FANTASY XI in-game item vaults and pilfer a ton of items right from under our noses... It turns out that it was all for a good cause because they are creating a variety of Golden Gobbieb...
5 Jul 2012

Voidwatch Adjustments

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1125] Voidwatch AdjustmentsProceed to the thread.
5 Jul 2012

Fishing Adjustments

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1126] Fishing AdjustmentsProceed to the thread.
4 Jul 2012

Mystic Statistics: Results for the Eleventh Vana’diel Census

Our staunch surveyors have braved the wilds once again, staving off brawny beasts and traipsing over troves of trackless territory to bring you the latest and greatest information pertaining to your realm.This year, in addition to the widely lauded top...
3 Jul 2012

FINAL FANTASY XI Tenth Anniversary Treasures!

Some glorious goods are going on sale in celebration of FINAL FANTASY XI's decade of service!Read on to find out all the decennial details.