Fantastic Fraulein Mumor graces the Sunbreeze Festival with her presence once more!

25 Jul 2012

My lovelies, how’s life been treating you since we last met? Mumor is back to take the stage again. You can imagine that SSS preparations have been keeping her on her feet of late.

After last year’s fiasco where Mumor ended up missing her curtain call, She figures that this year she has to give it one-hundred and twelve-teen percent!

But Mumor has also dealt with some wild stuff these past few moons. Uka, bless her fur, says that Mumor has been dancing in her sleep? Doesn’t that just beat all!

While she may be twirling her nights away, Mumor won’t go so far to tell you, her adoring fans, that her preparations are complete and whole. Why, her three managers have been slacking off! They mess up her schedule, forget to contact the seamstress her outfit designs for this year’s festivities… It’s more chaotic than an out-of-tune orchestra! It looks like Demon King Ullegore isn’t the only one in need of a good punishment.

…Oh my! Would you look at the time! Mumor would love nothing more than to spend the day chatting, but these steps aren’t going to learn themselves!

Ready, Uka? Shining Summer Samba!!!

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