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Behind the Bats

11 Oct 2012

Trick or Treat!!

Citizens throughout the three nations are once again donning their most terrifying garb, swarming the streets, and hungrily awaiting the arrival of adventurers from across the realm. Even the exorcists from far to the west are doing their part to add some spook to the season by holding the Wake of the Lilies once more. Don’t forget those hard-working MHMU moogles, either! They’ve been busy for days painting the towns blood-red, transforming them into haunted havens for harrowing hordes of hellions!

Yessiree, this year’s Harvest Festival is shaping up to scare the socks right o—stop the presses! This just in!

A trio of abominable aberrations has just appeared in Windurst that threatens to shroud this year’s festivities in utter darkness!

Read on for the ghastly details of two children’s close encounter with three witches’ familiars.