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Mystic Statistics: Results for the Eleventh Vana'diel Census

4 Jul 2012

Our staunch surveyors have braved the wilds once again, staving off brawny beasts and traipsing over troves of trackless territory to bring you the latest and greatest information pertaining to your realm.

This year, in addition to the widely lauded top monster rankings and the perennial statistics on relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons, our census crew has brought back data detailing the numbers of popular provisions in Vana’diel!
Our agents’ field report is also chock full of figures regarding weapon skill merit point upgrades, Voidwatch, and a veritable cornucopia of other categories, so pore over the plethora of pages and enjoy all the data-dotted discoveries you could ever desire (alas and alack, there’s little alliteration within)!

Read on to ascertain the present state of the realm.